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🔊🔊Happy birthday to ya! 🎶"Happy birfday!! 🎶 "Happy Blessed Born Day Beautiful. Sending you lots of love on this special day big sis. You are blessed! Love you💗 Enjoy!! 🎉🎊🎈🎁🎂 Cheers to many, many more 🍸 #HappyCakeDay #Blessed #HappyBirthdaySis #ItsYourBirfday #birthdaybehavior #LibraGang #LibraWomen #Queens #Libras #BlackWomenRock #LibraSeason
Happy birthday my darling😍😍😍God bless you for always being there. You are so kind, caring, beautiful inside and out, of course very intelligent (our own barrister) you are a definition of a true friend 10 years and counting😘😘😘 May God continue to bless you and grant all your heart desires. Have a fabulous day hun @mzwendy_o
Love you long time darling.........🎂🎂🎂💃💃💃📸📸📸🤗🤗🤗❤❤❤😍😍😍💗💗💗 #birthdayprincess#birthdayrocks#birthdaybehavior#octoberborn#
I woke up in the morning feeling fresh to death. I'm so blessed, yes yes..... in my wanna be Jill Scott songbird voice! Thank you GOD for another year of life. I'm 47 today and feeling on top of the world. #birthdaybehavior #libradiva #47
Lesson 17 of 17: Life gets better. I used to dread getting older because I didn't think I was where I was supposed to be at the time. But once I surrendered my expectations & fully embraced God's plan for me, my life turned around. My 20s were fabulous but my 30s are amazing! And greater is coming!! #speakwhatyouseek #untilyouseewhatyousaid #schoolinlife #chapter35 #birthdaybehavior #libra
🎊🎉 Happy Birthday Princess 🎊🎉
2 years ago today it was Sweetest Day and Mommy & Daddy we’re blessed at 5:23am with a 6lb 6oz 19inch long gorgeous babygirl! Alina Renee Marlene-Lynn Banks 👑 She brings so much love around us! Our oh so sassy, moody, sweet, multiple personality daughter! We never have a dull moment around her ☺️ I can’t believe she’s already two and growing up so fast and so smart! She’s definitely a blessing and we couldn’t imagine life without her! We love you to the moon & back , infinity & beyond, Always & Forever ✨🌟 EST. 10.17.15
#queensareborninoctober #happybirthday #birthday #twoyearsold #twoyearslater #birthdayvibes #birthdaybehavior #aprincesswasborn #daddysgirl #mommysworld #babygirl #blessing #daughter #instalikes #pictureoftheday #princess #happybirthdaytoyou #happy2ndbirthday #blessed #blessedtoseeanotheryear #love #beautfiul #gorgeous #daddysbaby #mamasmini #lilsis #baby #two #twofabulous #twoodles
My most bestest boss ever last week told me to have my birthday off and I looked at him dumbfounded and said ‘Why would I want to sit at home on my birthday when I can come to work and be treated like a princess?!’... and treated like a princess I was. Thank you so much to everyone who made my day special and to the beautiful friend who sent me the loveliest note with flowers - I wish it were all true but for today I’ll believe you. Big love back at all of you. 💙 #36yearsstrong #sugarrush #spoilt #hamandcheesecroissantsarethewaytomyheart #birthdaybehavior #yolo
Happy Diva Day to the best mother in the world. I appreciate you on so many levels not solely for the enormous heart you have, but also for your ability to keep it realer than most. As a child you always instilled in me that nobody isn’t on such a level that I should be hesitant or fearful to speak my mind to them which is mainly why I shoot from the hip when it pertains to everything. I thank you one million percent for your constant teachings when it pertains to this maze called life, you have groomed me to be the gangsta/gentlemen that I am today and when I say gangsta I mean it in the truest sense of the word and not in a hoodlum /point Proving thug kind of way (what the world glorifies the term to be). It’s because of you I am a Man of Understanding. If I had to sum up what I’ve learned from watching you my entire life you’ve taught me thru trial and error that if I’m to be honest about anything in life make sure that the honesty first begins with myself because I’d have to be the only one to walk in my shoes, for that will always speak to the person within and forever guide me to remain a man of principles, morals and integrity which provides automatic entry into any room because that is an organic quality that can be purchased. Morally you have encouraged me to make continuous deposits into the bank of life/ The bank of Allah simply by the natural characteristics you possess by being an all around good person. I admire your courage, your angelic spirit, the way you care about the well being of others not to mention your overprotective (Ride.Or.Die) nature for those whom you are loyal to such as MYSELF lol. I can go on an on about the organic person you are, please help me celebrate my moms diva day by either shouting her out or simply dropping a brief line or two about how you personally experienced how dope of a person she is so others won’t just think I’m bragging Lmao!!!You are truly 1 in a million Queen, May Allah grant you and I both many more years to come together and celebrate your day beloved “We the best duo since Stockton & Malone #FACTS 😂😂😂😂
#BirthdayBehavior #MommaLuv #Happiness #LikeForLike #FollowForFollow #WePartyingHardToday
You are beautiful,u are smart ,you are wonderful,you are charming,fabulous,you are heart accommodating.what more words can I use to describ how beautiful u are you're +one,bless upon blesses shall follow u,in your coming in and you going in is a success Happy BIG birthday to this amazing friend of mine!! @engelbeelee #thekingsmum #birthdaybehavior #birthdaygirl #october17th #bossladyoche #thekingswife👑💋#bookielovesyou #parrytime🎉🎉🎉🎈🎈🎈
It's my birthday! Grateful to God for all he has done for me and through me... For His sufficient grace and mercy, for good health, for life, family, wonderful clients and most importantly making me see another beautiful year!

Thank you Baba God!

#birthdaybehavior #itsmybirthday #QueenRuby

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