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I HOPE YOU'RE ALL HAVING A GREAT DAY, BABIES! Especially the people tagged. :-)
highkey mad i have to wait to give kids candy without seeming like a creep
#openrp #straightrp #birp #bisexualrp #gayroleplay
thirty-four || 6’0” || bisexual & versatile || loves johnny & their four legged children || suffers from bpd + ptsd || clingy & needy || majorly kinky || marijuana enthusiast || lacks in social skills || dog lover || enjoys writing & cooking || probably doesn’t want to talk to you
#openrp #straightrp #birp #bisexualrp #gayroleplay
I just really want to eat lasagna to be very honest.
Today, be the badass girl you were too lazy to be yesterday
Someone please be my friend becsuse I have zero
The best thing to ever happen to me. I'm sorry for ever making you feel otherwise or even letting you think otherwise. You are the reason I'm still breathing. Only you know just how true that is. There is no one better because I already have the best. I know we're both fighting battles right now and our heads aren't always the clearest. But we take care of each other. Lately I've been failing on my end but you still do what you can to help and take care of me. Even take care of me after I've been the biggest brat. I'm beyond appreciated for all of this. You are my light. Sometimes I don't see it and that's my fault, part of my problems. But you are my light. My hope. I don't want you to feel useless or shitty over something that happened. I'm not exactly an angel either and we both know that. So please. You are what gets me through it every day. Never think any lesser of yourself. You're my baby. My daddy. My reason. My everything. I need you in order to survive in this hell hole. You are the love of my life. Nothing is ever changing that. Nothing can. No argument, no other person, nothing. I can never express how amazing you are to me and how much I love you. This is a complete disaster but I just want to make you smile. You're the best. Maybe not to everyone and that's okay, because you are to me. You're the greatest I could have ever asked for. I love you more than anything. Thank you for taking care of me.
I want the man who will so sweetly touch my knee while we sit together and sip our morning coffee, but who will then slide his hand just a little further and bring me back to bed.
#newrp #openrp #openrpforgirls #openrpforboys #straightrp #straightroleplay #gayrp #gayroleplay #lesbianrp #lesbianroleplay #birp #bisexualrp #bisexualroleplay #singlerp #singleroleplay #alternativerp #bandrp #loverp
it’s safe to say that, i could get off on my baby doll’s voice
how’d i get so lucky?
#openrp #straightrp #birp #bisexualrp #gayroleplay
Sorry I’m so indecisive guys. I probably won’t be too active today, either. xo

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