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Nautica competition 1/4 zip fleece
XXL fits XL
New video up and running yall! Link in my bio!!! Juicy by Notorious BIG choreography by yours truly and filmed by @tmillytv @slaterkodish danced in this clip by @gilaguiniga @januszjotpe and @tileystrozewski #notoriousbig #juicy #biggiesmalls #movementlifestyle #cameronleechoreography
I left a message for the hoomans in my litter box 💚😉
Of all the pics to post, for some reason this one is my favorite. I'm not sure if it's because you give the snuggliest of hugs, this famous cheester cheer smile, or the fact that for once in my life I have a friend who makes me feel like a giant... whatever the reason is, I just love you and all your crazy ways. (Let's just take a moment to remember #heymacarena) Happy Birthday @biancastuckman 👑🐝#biggiesmalls #biance #crocsandsocks #shecant #dressandgymshorts #oldnavyeverything

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