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Today on the blog, we’re sharing a list of some of our favourite influencers with you. We’ll be honest, we had a tough time deciding on the final list for October, but did any of your favourites make the list? Click the link in the bio to find out 👀
Stalk me. ...
Today is U.K. launch day and I can't wait for you to check out what's going on!!!!! The coaching opportunity is officially open in the U.K. and our Birmingham workshop with our founding coaches is under way.
We've already: ☕️ Had some proper tea
🎤 Shared our stories
🤗 Hugged a lot
... Next up: ❤️How to launch your fit biz
❤️Social media training
❤️How to become profitable
❤️Using our nutrition and fitness tools to get people results
❤️Coach enrollment
❤️Building a local community
❤️Group workout
❤️Celebration dinner ...
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Winter is coming

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This is what it looks like to write and work from anywhere, from everywhere 🌍⠀
When you are on the road, you just have to pop up your laptop and work. How divine is this? Well, not quite, today is my truth day!⠀
When you travel, you never know when you'll have some internet, that's the first point and the most tricky one. You try to get organised, but you can't be sure you will be able to connect. You have to plug in from time to time and then you are stuck close to a wall, not in the middle of nature, on a beach or a lakeshore. And then there is the sun, you can't read your screen in the sun, and you can't stay outside with your computer when it's lightly raining... So working from anywhere doesn't look really like that. At least not technically because in my mind it feels like this photograph.⠀
When I can work from where I want, or where I can, it may not be perfect, sometimes it's quite upsetting, (ask my @sageonearthhubby) when it's not working as well as it should be, BUT it's freeing, and delicious. So this is how it feels to be able to work from anywhere... and that's what matters ✨ Double tap if you're with me! 💛 #sageonearth #airbnb

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