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User Image princesspauonlineshoppe Posted: Jan 21, 2018 9:12 PM (UTC)

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Check out Hershey’s Nuggets Milk chocolate with almond 299g at 50% off! ₱ 205.00 only. Get it on Shopee now! #FAVORITE #snacks #cravings #kitkat #cheapfindsph #food #chocolate #chocolatelovers #baking #importedgoods #foodlovers #cravingssatified #kitkatrecipe #hersheys #kisses #hersheyskisses #foodcrave #bestseller #freebies
User Image moneymatterswithmelinda Posted: Jan 21, 2018 9:11 PM (UTC)

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Have you ever wondered what you should do with your money? Have you tried financial #leadership? What is it you might ask?
Giving your money PURPOSE and DIRECTION.
You are the C.E.O. of a corporation. You need a team to fulfil the vision of your company and help execute the purpose of the company. Therefore, different roles will therefore need to be established. You will need a marketing department, because people need to know what your company has to offer. You will need an admin department to assist with the daily operations of the company, for example answering the telephones, managing schedules, bookkeeping and accounting. You will need a legal department to guide you in certain affairs. You will need a sales department to close contracts on behalf of your company and you will definitely need a maintenance team to keep your surroundings clean and tidy. Each department will have a key function and task to perform to keep the company fully operational and in turn make the company profitable. So, what you are seeking to do in financial leadership is guiding your money to what it ought to do.

Excerpt from My Money & Me now available for sale on Amazon! Go to Link in the Bio 👆 to make your purchase Today!
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User Image instachapter Posted: Jan 21, 2018 9:10 PM (UTC)

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1/11 “To the New Rich, being rich means living a splendid life, right here, right now”

Lots of people think it’s worth their while to live a life of drudgery today just to have some golden, wealthy years of retirement somewhere in the distant future.
Millions of modern desk slaves sacrifice their best years working in jobs they don’t enjoy. To maintain faith in what they are doing, they trick themselves into believing that work has to be hard and that they will be paid back at some point in the future.
In reality, they end up deferring everything joyful in their lives only to wake up one day and realize that the good times never materialized.
The New Rich do not accept this way of life: they abandon their desk-slave jobs and choose a lush lifestyle here and now.
Becoming one of the New Rich doesn’t mean you need millions of dollars under your mattress; a fulfilling life is often much cheaper than people think.
The things you’re dreaming of – such as taking trips around the world or having lots of time for hobbies – are by no means exclusive to millionaires. These things are also available to the New Rich, and they do not need millions to enjoy them.
What you really need is to be mobile and flexible – you need to be able to do whatever you like whenever you like. This usually requires only a moderate, automatic income: a source of money you can maintain effortlessly from anywhere in the world.
This is the key to living exactly the life you want to. Blinkist® 📚 #thefourhourworkweek #timferris #modernlife #entrepreneur #lifestyle #milenario #laptolifestyle #photography #knowyourworth #millionaire #socialmedia #bestseller #book #read #coffe #tailopez #tedtalk #work #week #ambition #courage
User Image hardtboutique Posted: Jan 21, 2018 9:09 PM (UTC)

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a bodycon dress & a cardigan go together soooo good 💚
User Image princesspauonlineshoppe Posted: Jan 21, 2018 9:09 PM (UTC)

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User Image instachapter Posted: Jan 21, 2018 9:09 PM (UTC)

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4/7 "Vitamin D deficiency is a growing epidemic that may be at the root of seasonal depression"

If you’ve ever raced outside to enjoy the first warm and sunny day of the year, you’re not alone. One reason for this common reaction is that our bodies are trying to recover from being deprived of the benefits of sunlight.
Actually, lack of sunlight is seen as a leading cause in the spreading epidemic of vitamin D deficiency.
It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly why vitamin D deficiency is so common. Indeed, there are a variety of reasons which might explain it.
A primary one is the original source of vitamin D: the sun. So, whether you live in a cold and cloudy environment, or simply work long hours in the office, it’s likely you’re in need of some vitamin D.
Also getting in the way is the coating of sunscreen we apply when we do get time outdoors. Yes, it’s an important preventive measure against skin cancer – but by blocking out the sun’s rays, sunscreen also prevents the body from metabolizing vitamin D.
Also at risk are people with dark skin, whose natural color prevents their bodies from absorbing a lot of sunlight.
The consequences of this epidemic are serious.
In fact, many practitioners who consider the benefits of vitamin supplements are discovering a link between vitamin D deficiency and depression. This is especially true for the winter depression that commonly affects people in cold climates.
Unfortunately, though, you can’t just pop a couple of vitamin D pills and kill your winter blues.
Vitamin D is unique because it needs to get stored in the body’s fat, which is a slow and time consuming process. This means it can take six months to a year for your body to replenish its vitamin D levels.
So, to prevent those winter blues, the best course of action is to plan ahead and start taking vitamin D at least as early as summertime 📚 Blinkist® #thevitaminsolution #vitamins #healthyfood #health #tailopez #fit #fitness #food #electrolytes #protein #lifestyle #gym #workout #mindset #bestseller #knowledge #learn #book #read #summer #nutrishop #supplements #vitaminD #bookstagram #gb3
User Image amytiramisu Posted: Jan 21, 2018 8:22 PM (UTC)

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SIÊU PHẨM Snack khoai tây tẩm mật ong Calbee - hàng xách tay Hàn Quốc 🇰🇷.
✅Giá : #40k/ gói to 60g
🍥 Sản phẩm trực thuộc một trong những tập đoàn thực phẩm lớn nhất Nhật Bản: Calbee - sau này tấn công vào thị trường Hàn Quốc, Hongkong và đạt được những thành công rất lớn.
🍥 Snack khoai tây tẩm mật ong được Calbee sản xuất riêng cho thị trường Hàn Quốc, và nhanh chóng ĐỨNG ĐẦU top #bestseller tại đây, với số lượng tiêu thụ xếp hạng nhất so với tất cả snacks cùng loại. Đến nỗi các tín đồ ăn vặt kháo nhau đến Hàn tuyệt đối ko bỏ qua "nhất sữa chuối, nhì khoai Calbee!"
🍥 Calbee tuyệt đối nói không với các loại hương liệu độc hại, nên vị bánh được làm bởi 100% khoai tây nguyên chất, tẩm sốt mật ong thơm nức nở, thêm hành xắt nhuyễn phủ ngoài bánh ngon vô cùng. Ko một loại snacks nào có thể so sánh :"3
🌐 Facebook , Instagram, Shopee : @Amytiramisu, @Amy.beautyskin
📦 Hotline ( viber/ zalo/ sms ) : #0902826882
🚛 Chuyên cung cấp sỉ & lẻ các sản phẩm Đài Loan, Thái Lan, nội địa Trung, Lạp xưởng Handmade.
User Image batiksancaka Posted: Jan 21, 2018 9:08 PM (UTC)

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Tunik Narina Rp 115.000

WHATSAPPS : 0812-3644-2984

Nama Lengkap:
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Fast Respond hari Senin - Sabtu Jam 10.00 - 16.00 WIB


Check koleksi lain dan follow
SYARI >> .gamisyari
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JUMBO >> .jumbo

Happy Shoping ^_^

User Image instachapter Posted: Jan 21, 2018 9:08 PM (UTC)

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1/6 "The food you eat has a big impact on your mental state and the health of your immune system"

Have you noticed that certain foods make you feel weak or stressed out? Food can have a profound impact on how people think and feel.
This is why diets don’t work unless they fundamentally change your food cravings. If you find yourself returning to junk food after a phase of dieting, it’s not necessarily because you lack willpower – it’s because certain foods really mess with your brain!
Humans have evolved to appreciate three basic flavor categories: sweet, fatty and salty. Sweet foods give you energy; fatty foods give you calories; and finally, salty foods keep you hydrated.
The fact is that humans are hardwired to like these flavors. Food producers know this and have used this fact to their market advantage.
Processed foods such as the hamburgers and french fries from your favorite fast food outlet, chocolate bars and even frozen meals offer a supernormal stimulus, meaning these foods are either sweeter, saltier or fattier (or all three) than non-processed foods. This extra boost makes us crave such foods even more.
When you eat a chocolate bar, for instance, your brain releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that gives you feelings of pleasure. The more chocolate you eat, the more your body craves the effect of dopamine; and this feedback loop makes you want to eat more chocolate in the future.
Yet food doesn’t just scramble your brain, convincing you that another cheeseburger can’t be all that bad. It also affects your immune system, potentially causing inflammation.
Inflammation in the body usually happens as a normal response to an injury or illness, but chronic inflammation is different. Chronic inflammation occurs when your immune system gets confused and your body starts attacking itself, as it can’t differentiate between “you” and a foreign invader, such as a virus.
A lot of processed food today contains chemical compounds that can be difficult for your immune system to process 📚 Blinkist® #itstartswithfood #food #book #nutrishop #nutrition #healthyfood #instabook #knockout #gym #gb3 #fit #fitness #fitnessmotivation #eat #bookstagram #bestseller
User Image houseoffcosmetics Posted: Jan 21, 2018 9:08 PM (UTC)

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User Image instachapter Posted: Jan 21, 2018 9:07 PM (UTC)

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2/6 "The human mind and body are built to be empathetic and agile"

Humans evolved to be great hunters, but this ability isn’t the result of human strength and physicality; it has more to do with empathy, a trait that sets us apart from other species.
As we stalk our prey, we can put ourselves in its shoes, so to speak, and understand how it might react. This allows us to stalk it, set traps and keep our family fed.
Family is the other thing that has led us to become the most empathetic species on the planet.
From infancy to puberty, children depend largely on their parents for care – and newborn babies are utterly helpless. This is why we have such a strong empathetic impulse to take care of our offspring, as well as our spouse. In the wild, it is doubtful that one parent would be able to raise a child on his or her own, and so in order to form spousal relationships, we evolved the ability to understand the needs and desires of those around us.
Our physicality also makes us perfectly suited for living in the wild.
Humans have evolved to be capable of a wide range of movements to deal with the demands of both hunting and gathering. So not only can we walk and run quite well; we can crouch, bend and jump, not to mention build and handle all manner of tools.
These skills have allowed us to survive with relatively small guts. Other animals have digestive systems that allow them to survive on simple foods like grass, but since we need different foods to survive, we’re wired to be active and use our athleticism to obtain that food.
So our ancestors hunted, fished and collected fruits and nuts in order to keep themselves and their tribe well fed. To be able to do this efficiently, humans developed a keen intelligence that allows us to observe our surroundings and make the best use of our energy.
Now you probably have a better sense of why sitting in front of a computer all day can lead to depression – you’re built to do so much more! 📚 #gowild #book #read #fitness #health #tailopez #gym #move #workout #bookstagram #bestseller #nutrishop #gb3 #fitnessmotivation #fitnessmodel #vitamin #tailopez #healthyeating #healthybreakfast #bestseller #nutrishop #body #mind
User Image pramugari_jamannow Posted: Jan 21, 2018 9:05 PM (UTC)

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