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One of my all time favorite quote by Roy T Bennett “Attitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Optimism is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Giving is a choice. Respect is a choice. Whatever choice you make makes you. Choose wisely.” I choose to LIVE, LOVE and LAUGH💯❤️
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I follow a good amount of "fitness" accounts. Some I agree with, others I don't. The beauty is, each offers a viewpoint with which I can relate or respect.
So on w the long rant...
One posted something along the lines of a transformation picture. W the higher bf% being labeled as "unmotivated" and "unambitious" and the current, leaner picture being labeled as the opposite (motivated, ambitious, all the good things)
Another account, a competitor, spoke of how she successfully reversed out of a show and has remained in a "good body fat level" for a female. And stated that blowing up post-show and labeling it "self-love" is "unhealthy"
My thoughts? Social media sure does get to you 😂😩 but seriously, it's bullsh*t. Looking at the first post and thinking well, I'm not lean like him so I must not be as motivated OR I blew up post-show I guess I f*cked up and this #selflove talk is just a cover up 😓
Although I understand the intentions were good, as someone who's lacked some mental faculties such as confidence and awareness in the past, I see how that has and can discourage a person (me). And to those who find themselves in the same comparison story, I want to be the one to tell you, YOU ARE DOING GREAT. Wherever you are in your journey. Just bc you're not lean DOES NOT mean you're not motivated. Just bc you gained more weight then you'd like DOES NOT mean you're unhealthy. What's going on in your head is a different story and THATS what matters. If you're fluffy but grinding day in & day out, it'll show. If you've gained weight but you're happier, gaining confidence, using it as a learning experience, improving in the gym etc. it'll pay off.
Looks don't matter much when your minds not right. So pay attention to that and the rest will follow.
And remember this is a journey. There is no "wrong" way. Please don't let yourself feel like there is.
Mess up. Learn. Grow. Change. You'll get there. One day at a time.
I am too focused on watering my own grASS to notice if yours is greener 😌 #humpday .
Finally making the comeback after many setbacks coming out of show. Since June, I’ve been fighting my way back to a “balanced” improvement season. After nearly five months, I feel like I’m finally getting there. .
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One of our gym members at Elite came up to me yesterday showing me his phone and asked if this was me. Why yes! Lol. This article though is awesome at explaining meal prep and breaking it down into a not so overwhelming task. Preparing your healthy meals ahead of time will help you tremendously in seeing the progress you want to see from the gym! We all know that 💁🏼 No more excuses of “well there was nothing else to eat” 😜 Check out the full article on the main page at 💪 “At the end of the day, the best way to learn is by doing. If you have a plan, a few solid containers, and a carrying case, you've got what you need to give meal prepping a try. All that's left to do is head to the grocery store, sharpen your kitchen knife, and get to work.” #word #bodybuildingcom #nutrition #mealprep #photobomb #bestself #noexcuses #hardwork #wegotthis #personaltrainer #elitesf #teambodybuildingcom @bodybuildingcom
4 a.m. chest day
Started out by focussing on inner portion of pecs
**Used close grip cable attachment for a really close grip flat press**
**Loaded weight on one side for an inclined landmine chest press**
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So this is 6! How is my first baby this old already. Time goes by too quickly and children grow up way to fast. This little boy is such a caring and loving little person and shows us everyday. I look forward to watching you grow Aiden and becoming your best self even if I don’t want you to grow older. Mama and Dad are proud of you each and everyday and love you so much. Always remember the most important things in life and be true to yourself through this crazy changing world ❤️😘🎉🎈🎁 #mamasboy #birthdayboy #momlife #gettingold #ottawa #ottcity #bestself #love #blessed #myboy #thefuture #6yearsold #firstbaby #fall #sunny☀️ #trueself #caring #fullheart
Grad school assignment, prepping for an oil class tonight, working on my business, kid stuff, house stuff... You know, the everyday life list.
Trying a new blend in the diffuser to help me get stuff done! 👍

I'm so grateful for #naturalsolutions
and how they have impacted my family. If you are curious and wanting to make a change to be healthier and happier, I've got an awesome offer for you this month with over $90 in free products!
I'm passionate about alternative health and wellness (hence the grad school classes) and I'd love to work on a plan with you to start feeling like your best self. Let's talk!
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Don’t forget if you confirm your order before Friday you can save 5$ ( This Includes Payment) .
We would love to help your reach your goals wether it’s to gain weight, lose weight and anything in between. We do all the hard work! All you have to do is HEAT IT &EAT IT! 🍱🍴

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vikuzhi 26m ago
You don’t have to do anything crazy to break a sweat! 😅

Just get up and start moving! Your body craves it! 🏃🏻‍♀️ Currently I’m doing a program by Shaun T that’s only 25 minutes a day! ⏰

I modify a lot of the jumping moves and some of the floor moves, but I manage to become a sweaty mess after just 25 minutes. 💦

So get up, do a little dance, walk around your neighborhood, or even chase your kids around, you’ll be happier for it and your body will thank you! ♥️
radmaz1 55m ago
Page 291/365 📚 "You'll turn out ordinary if you're not careful" - Ann Brashares

Having no shame in the #murves. I've had a lot of time to put on some mass. Now it's time to decide on when I want to showcase it. 🤔 #decisions #wednesday #nighttimeshenanigans #lift #upperbody #lift #sparkle #girlswholift #latina #progressnotperfection #girlswithmuscles #bestself #militarymuscle #natty #whatyouseeiswhatyouget #fitish #fitmom #healthy #daytoday #lifestyle
Live Fit. Even when pregnant. The routine and goals just change a bit.💕💪🏼🤰🏻💥 Online prenatal programs available over at: @empirefitnesscoaches #fitpregnancy #bumpstyle #getfitforbirth @live_fit_apparel
Woke up at 4:46am this morning (45min before my alarm) and couldn’t fall back asleep soooooo I did some HIIT on my spin bike and abs at home!
For HIIT I did 10 min warm up, and then 6 sprints at 15 second increments with a 45 sec rest then right back into sprints, then finished with a 5 min cool down.
For abs:
1. Planks 1 min x3
2. Hip Taps 40 total x3
3. Knee to elbow, knee to opposite elbow 1 min x3
4-6. Pyramid alternating crucnches? Idfk I’m gonna roll with it, these get progressively easier as you go, do all back to back. Toe touches x7, Knee touches x7, Air touches x 7 lol AIR TOUCHES wtf idk?
Yes I have rolls, everyone does. Yes I’m wearing the same pants as yesterday because I can and I don’t care. HAPPY HUMP DAY!!!!!

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