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Ever wondered who you really are?

Put together your favourite books,movies, poems and songs. You'll see how perfect they reflect the deepest and the best part of you. The part of you, that longs for freedom. Freedom for the all the worldly confirmity and fears. The part that has been suppressed and buried deep down.
The "you" that is ready to pack its guns and go home, because it knows that no one actually wins a war.

So honey, go. Find yourself. Who you really are. Love yourself for all your flaws. Believe that you're not what you look like.
You're not the mistakes you've made, but what you've learned from it. You're more like the songs on your playlist,the shows you watch, the things you doodle around, the flowers on your hair and your favourite blanket.

You're not that pimple on your nose or the pudge on your stomach. You are not those grades of your sem that you flunked. You're art you posses. You're much more beyond your ranks in a classtest. You're your favourite band, the mismatched socks you wear and your favourite sweater.

Basically, you're everything you love and way beyond what you look like or what someone sees you to be like.
You're an amazing piece of art, within yourself, which you yourself has created.

Be proud to announce that you're different and better.
Be proud to know that you're what you've wanted to be, and you're something that no one can break.
~@madewithmiraki // @caramelrainboww

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