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So I tempted my students with these bottles labeled “Drink Me” today. (Just tap water!! 😝) We just finished the chapter in Tuck Everlasting when Jesse gives Winnie the water to live forever and tells her to drink it when she’s 17. My students made a list of pros and cons for living forever using text evidence and their own opinions. In the end, my students all chose to live forever! 😊 This book is one of my favorites and offers so many great lessons to teach with it! Saw these mini bottles at Hobby Lobby and thought it would be a great temptation for my kids! Labels are the return address (80 count). #tuckeverlasting #liveforever
Thanks @emilyscorse
When you get that feeling about a person. Then the examples show up to prove your intuition right. Interesting #dotherightthing #energy #intuition also I received the best compliment from a work friend who said I radiate positive energy. Either he's reading my ig, hitting on me or all my hard work is paying off. #bestcomplimentever
Had the opportunity to assist her with her first home and then got a great referral from hermit long after! Thank you my love for the support!! Referrals ARE the best compliments! #relationships #friendshipgoals #referrals #referralsappreciated #bestcomplimentever #realtor #support #supportlocal #key2yournextmove #home
I don’t give compliments to girls on a regular basis – but when i do, you should know it’s f@ckin real and it comes from my heart.... I don’t expect anything in return but a simple ‘thanks’.... But sometimes, she doesn’t get it 😪 Nevermind, I still big up my hula girl 😗 #bestcomplimentever #pferdestehlen
Gabriella told me my new glasses make me look like Harry Potter. #bestcomplimentever #foureyes
Before there was Dance Moms there was Sweet Joyce Ann with her own interpretive dance to ‘Wishing Well’. :) This was two weeks ago at the album release show. 💛.
🎥 @stevephotoman .
🥁 @mattmachine16 .
🎸 (bass) @patrickmcclory .
🎻 @kellyontheporch .
💃 Joyce Ann Martin .
#bestcomplimentever #thanks Sweet Joyce Ann!
#dancemoms #dancemomswishingwell #interpretivedance
Yesterday I played a ghost in a cemetery at night, dressed like a person from the 19th century and it was fun 😂👻 a little girl asked me if I was Ariel from the little mermaid and asked to take a picture with me 😍 #work #ghost #19thcentury #dressup #halloween #costume #workingactress #redhead #littlemermaid #redhair #bestcomplimentever #shethoughtiwasariel #👻

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