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Picture of my main man Charlie aka Chucko advertising Dr Martin's. "I'm his agent now, gonna make me a hundred dollars!" This picture was taken by one of the most beautiful people I know.
📷 @jadeism2
Puss in boots?
#cat #cats #catsofinstagram #charlie #chuck #chucko #bestcat #oldman #drmartens #docmartens #boots #ohioplayers #quote #fashion #animals #altcat 👈😂
4 years ago this month, I was asked to keep her temporarily by her owner! She was 7 months old and had already licked cocaine twice (before living with me obv.) and was extremely anxious and even a little aggressive.
She scratched her neck open for over a year and half, breaking through every single thing we tried to make her stop.
Now 4 years later, she is one of the most loving/demanding/arrogant cat ❤️ She’s a diva and think she’s the boss 😂 She loves her sisters and brother but loves to be a bitch to them for the fun of it.
She is now a confident cat who’s most importantly happy and healthy ❤️
She is staying with me forever
4 years ago she became MY cat.👊🏻

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