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Zinc levels can affect many things in our bodies. It affects testosterone production which indirectly affects our immunity. But interfering with stomach acid production is the main issue. We need zinc to rebuild our HCl.
Without proper Hcl levels, our food doesn't get broken down from a round packed structure called a bolus into chyme (a semi liquid type substance). Reflux is a result of this. It's like having an egg in a glass of water. Then dropping in another egg. It will over flow.
SOLUTION 4: Supplement with zinc. Ensure you take it in the middle of a protein dense meal, or nausea may occur. People who have poor appetites in the morning, have little desire to eat protein or feel nauseated when eating breakfast, can benefit from taking zinc.

hope you enjoyed this series. If you would like to hear more on digestion comment below.
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This is a tough one for a lot of us. Distracted eating is a real issue. This can be eating while standing, walking, on a computer or running for a subway. Many of us ignore the steps to elicit proper digestion. This is one of the reasons for so many digestion issues in North America.
Taking the time to smell and look at our food. This triggers the digestion process. But when we r stressfully meeting deadlines or rushing around, digestion doesn't happen well or at all. When this happens, food is left to putrify in our stomach. More food then HCl. So when more food comes down, it pushes any HCl into the esophagus.
SOLUTION 3: I struggle with this. But try to eat food with people and stop walking and working when you do. You will be surprised how much better your digestion and stomach will be.

Eat well
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Is it not? We can all try to act a certain way or say things differently or train more intensely. But until we become different inside, the changes become struggles.
That's why when we go through horrible things we become different. We change and then we can be better and do better consistently. We build new habits. Unfortunately struggle or in some cases suffering produces a form of greatness in us.
No I wasn't driving.. TBT pic with Kenny 2.0 . What would I do without this guy?
Who makes your day in your life? Comment 😂👇👇👇👇
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