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I don't think I'm going to make it till midnight😴 so I'm posting now. Today marks 6 months of marriage for us!!! I can't say much has changed because we were already dedicated, committed and head over heels for one another. I love this picture because it is a perfect representation of our marriage. So much thought went into the planning and joining of our union that was sacred; there's so much we will never share with another soul (that's much of the reason no one was invited). We proved that we would (literally and figuratively) go to the end of the Earth for each other. Although the storm ruined the opportunity for some of the pictures we really wanted, I know it was the ancestors showing us how powerful our love is. This picture reminds me to protect our love in the midst of even the most powerful storm, not to hide our love but to value our privacy as much as I love showing her off to the world 🌎! I love you 🍅!!!! Happy 6 months!!! #wegotthis #begginingofforever #blacklove #blackwedding #blacksand #hawaiiwedding
Day 1 of antidepressants: I started out tired, lethargic, exhausted. Took them about 930 am and it was a day filled with ups, downs, nausea, severe hunger, and sleeping.
About 3pm, I woke up feeling better, but the nausea still remained. I was told that eating protein would help, so I went to the store and stocked up on rice, chicken, and saltine crackers (because they make everything better when you don't feel good).
Approximately an gourmet after eating, I felt euphoric. Like when the sunshine comes through the clouds after a long rain, or putting on glasses after you've wiped them off.
All I could think was that I'm not sure how long I've been living my life in a haze, but I'm glad to have walked through the light at the end of the tunnel and made it to here.
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Today marks one of the greatest days of my life! My very first professional shoot for a wedding Boutique. Words can't even explain how proud I am of myself and how grateful I am for people who believe in my growth as a photographer. Today I went from being behind the lens to infront of the lens unprepared lol but I'm sure I did a pretty good job,Thanks to the models and assistants they did a pretty good job as well, I honestly can't wait to show you guys the final product. Had a hectic but great Monday finally resting my head and getting something down my stomach!! #werk #werk #werk #startearlyandstartstrong #photography #girlatwork #begginingofforever
My story begins with them. They each help me get closer to the person I'm meant to be and the person I am today!! They make me sane and crazy, happy and sad, smart and cunning and clumsy and air headed. Their stories have become part of mine and I wouldn't have it any other way. They are some of the most important people in my life and I'm thankful everyday. #onceuponatime #begginingofforever #storyofalifetime #friends #family #friendship #friendshipgoals #friendshipneverends #love #happy #fun #nieces #nephew #lookatdemcuties #thefunisjustbeginning #lookingformyhappilyeverafter #thisiswhereistart