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Are you ready for this adventure? Caribbean Air Rally 2018! Registrations are open! Link in bio for details! #airrally
"se não puder voar, corra. Se não puder correr, ande. Se não puder andar, rasteje, mas continue em frente de qualquer jeito."
Martin Luther king Jr.
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: Plane Tip! (016)
~Stall Misconceptions~
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There are many misunderstandings about stalls in the aviation industry. Here are a few.
Misconception 1: The airplane loses all lift in a stall. WRONG. In a stall, the lift generated begins to decrease, but because of the airflow still striking the lower surface of the wing, some lift is still produced, meaning the airplane will not fall out of the sky, it just can't maintain altitude.
Misconception 2: A stall occurs when airflow separates from the airfoil. WRONG. Airflow begins separating from the airfoil at even low angles of attack. This separation begins at the trailing edge and works it's way forward as angle of attack increases. A stall occurs when the separation moves forward enough that the low pressure on top of the airfoil decreases faster than the high pressure builds on the lower surface, resulting in a net pressure decrease that means a loss of lift.
Misconception 3: Airplanes cannot stall at high airspeeds. WRONG. Stalls depend on angle of attack only. If you were to pull back on the controls very hard at high speeds (DO NOT do this), the induced G forces would make the wings experience an angle of attack greater than their critical one, resulting in an accelerated stall.
Misconception 4: Aileron use alone can recover from a stall. WRONG. Although it is true that deflecting an aileron up will decrease the local angle of attack in the region of the aileron, the rest of the wing will remain stalled As most airplanes are designed to stall from root to tip anyways, this aileron up deflection will not help much. However, you must remember that ailerons on each opposite wings always work in tandem, so while one wing's aileron goes up and lessens the stall, the other side's goes down, deepening the stall on the side, resulting in a strong rolling moment, putting the airplane into an even more dangerous scenario with two stalled wings in a roll than in a symmetric stall.
So these guys travel around the southeast for the #USDA dropping tiny packets of the rabies vaccine packed in fish meal to help reduce outbreaks of vaccines in raccoons (aka the #trashpanda). Pretty interesting stuff but they all smelled really bad. #aviation #aviationdaily #avgeek #beechcraft #kingair #kingairnation #blueridgemountains #critters
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Only shade we could find was under the tail :D
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