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Thanks @garyfaulds83 for the #widn tag! Lying in bed listening to the wind and rain! Got my hot water bottle so all cosy 😂 #windy #miserablenight #beddtime. I tag @louisethedeestar @l_a28 @shel_ly01 @mrs.ivory.60 what are you doing now?
"You've made your bed, now lie in it" 😴⠀

Don't mind if I do, looks #cozy 😊⠀
I haven't done an oily post in a while because life is so hard sometimes... Tonight, I needed some help sleeping and a little respiratory support because it's been so humid and my lungs aren't happy 😂😭 so here's what I came up with! Lavender, Laurus Nobilis and Blue Cypress. (I cried a little when the blue cypress came out because my last bottle was so thick I couldn't get it to come out and I was devastated) #essentialoils #lavender #bluecypress #laurusnobilis #youngliving #sohumid #itsmellssogood #beddtime

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