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lajlah 213w ago

Hi my IG friends. 🙋
In case you missed me and my photos-I'm on vacation, with a limited access to internet. But I'll be back soon 😊
I have some good news! 😎 I've just checked my mailbox and have seen this- Instagram is now following me and put me on Suggested Users List !!??!!
Unbelievable! :)))) Thank you@Instagram very much! I'm truly honoured!
So I want to say Hello to all my new followers. 👋
But at the first place my Big Thank you to my first 1178 followers 🙌😊🙌 Se U soon! 👋
slvrlyt 222w ago
If I could barely fit my bike through these openings, I can only imagine how the animals felt...
slvrlyt 222w ago
Monkeying around in the abandoned zoo 🐒🚲
slvrlyt 223w ago
#putaplaneonit alright my friends, let me know what day works best for you... 3pm Friday or Saturday, if you're interested in shooting 😄✌
slvrlyt 223w ago
Back alley lurking find... For all those Jayhawks fans, cheers 🏀🍻
slvrlyt 223w ago
"Made in Los Angeles" Nothing better than coming up on a street level, vintage sign while alley lurking in Hollywood
slvrlyt 223w ago
Wishing everyone a safe a wonderful 4th 🚲🇺🇸🎆🍻✌👋
slvrlyt 223w ago
Newest ride at Magic Mountain: The Pony Express 🚲🎢