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Be an action taker not a #bullshitter ... there, I said it!
What action will you take today to get you to where you want to be?
Comment below 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
Yesterday while having a chat with a friend who owns a fast-rising online business, he mentioned somethings to note about my new Instagram programme @beinspired_with_bukolaoyetunji . He also went further to liken me to a woman who did very well for SINGLES and married during the time she spent on earth. The thought of it got me smiling because I never even thought of what I was doing that way.
After the conversation, I laid down on my bed and thought deeply about it. Is that really who I was trying to be like? .
The truth is; I'm not trying to be like anyone. Yes, I have some wonderful women I get inspiration and motivation from. There are women (& men) I get so many insights from but am I trying to be like them? NO!

As women, we need to be original. It's very important to be YOU because every other person is taken. When you are yourself, you'd realise you aren't in competition or rivalry with anyone. You will be very comfortable in your space. You will not 'overdo' things. You won't be covetous. Life would be easier for you. YOU will have rest of mind. You won't force yourself to 'belong'. .
Seriously, It ain't bad to be the only red apple in a carton of green apples (You get my drift?😊). .
Be yourself! .
Be special! .
Stand out from the crowd. .
Be comfortable in your skin! .
Be a leader! .
Don't follow others just because you want to gain acceptance.
Keep doing what you do, WELL. In time, people will recognise you for who you are and many will be encouraged to achieve their God -given mission, as a result of your originality.
All the best Instafam!
Have a blessed night,

Bukola Oyetunji. .
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Cheers to staying youthful!!
I got my Rodan+Fields Intensive Night Renewing Serum today!!
#keeppushing #beconsistent #itsmybirthday #cheerstomanymore
Happy Friday!! #whatiate: full fat greek yogurt+chia seeds+flax seeds+cinnamon+almond butter+ triple berry fruit spread. #nomnom #yogurtbowl
This has taken a lot of resistance band training to get me to this point where I can now hit 5x5 body weight pull ups 👍🏾 controlling this so much better now and to think I couldn’t stand doing pull ups back in the days!! #beconsistent #train #soloeffort #getit #keepgoing #release
Yes. Yes. Yes. 100% yes. Find your tribe. Love them hard. .
And while you are at it? As per @jeffrhill tonight at our training event:

Live. Fully. .
Learn. Consistently. Lean in to growth. .
Love. Love what you do. Love the people you work with and that YOU choose to hang with. .
Leave a legacy. Leave something that is bigger than you. Leave your fingerprints on something BIGGER than YOU. .
Xo K
You want something in life? Go get it!
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Friday Wk 5... Still on it 🎉 🥉. I've managed some minor progress. 4 trips nonstop on the monkey bars: fwd bckwd fwd bckwd. High pike/ leg raise things. Calmed down on the chin ups a bit. I did do them today, camera failure though 🙁. 1 set wide & 1 close. Stamina seems to be up a smidgin. Strength is good. Started some hip mobility work today in office to address some joint pain & stiffness. Just stretching really but very helpful. Belly is a tiny bit flatter., possibly slightly more torso definition (depending on light positioning!). I think that's about it for this week's status update. I'll check in next wk.

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