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As mais lindas sapatilhas você encontra aqui... pelo menor preço!
Humpday coming at you from the Ft. Lauderdale Cup red carpet🏆 This was my first and favorite NPC competition, so many good memories! I can’t believe it will be 5 years this weekend! Happy humpday guys!!
If I were to describe this photo, which I am about to do, I would say it depicts the feelings of seasonal depression. It’s heavy. It’s dark. You feel helpless to do anything yourself. Irritability becomes much stronger, maybe because getting things done becomes the task of the century. Your clothes are uncomfortable, I stay in pajamas unless I HAVE to change. It’s a struggle to bathe. It’s a struggle to eat. There is no cooking when these nights get darker. But through it all, I am blessed to have medications now that help me so much more than I used to feel when I was unmedicated; I have found more ways to enjoy the fall (sauna and Coogi!), and I tell myself over and over every day that spring and summer will be back, sooner than I think.
You are what you are, no matter where you are🤘🏻👑✨🔥

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