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User Image princess.booker Posted: Feb 23, 2018 8:55 AM (UTC)

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En un pueblo entre las montañas de Jamaica llamado Nine Mile y detrás de esa puerta donde no está permitido sacar fotos, descansa la leyenda del Reggae.
Hoy todos somos un poco más felices y unidos gracias a su música.
Happy Birthday Bob Marley
#muyviajeraenjamaica .
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User Image pouvedee Posted: Feb 23, 2018 8:52 AM (UTC)

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#4 Of Series "The Real Face of Egypt"
An oasis to the Expat 💦☀️

So when the time was right for me to travel deeper into the real life of egypt, i was astound! I never truley believed a place's bad press. But that was me; what about others?

Cities like #cairo #dahab , Alexandria, Sharm El Sheik had an unimaginable flock of expats. I could never have imagined this country was home to so many foreignors of all ages.

Immediately my brain would ask me why despite all the adversities portrayed in the media, so many choose to live here? How did they come up with this idea? When did they decide it was the right place for them? Was it really the right place? I kept on observing, questioning, connecting to new people from different areas and get to know more, more and more!

One day an American lady stood next to me in the elevator of our flat; we exchanged a few smiles in between some words, she revealed being happily living here for the past 10 years. It was not for the love of a man, but for herself - if this is what you were thinking to yourself Others came for the thrill of venturing the land of the pyramids and panraohs for a month or two and next time they checked, they were busy renewing their #visa for long term stay.

And some relocated for corporate jobs and moved in with their families in a country said to be "unsafe"! Its one thing to move in for the thrill of the unknown for a while but when you trust a country enough to raise your children in, then this place must have a "je ne sais quoi".

Whatever their motivations, all the expats were united by one thing - a world of convinience that #egypt opened up to them! This country was an eye-opener! Who would not want to be back to a place teaching you to embrace inner peace, learn to lighten our unnecessary luggage and recentre ourselves! And to celebrate life at a slower pace to focus on what's truly essentiel to you rather than to the world.

Cause that's what life should be all about - The essentials! Right?
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