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“Pure. Unadulterated. Free ballin”
We’ve gone Commando for those of you that prefer your products without the stinky stuff.
If you like your products in their pure form, or are undecided on an aroma - then this is the one for you. No added fragrances or essential oils.
COMMANDO: Zip. Zilch. Nada. Diddly Squat
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Tips For Growing A Healthy Beard

Patch Care

Patchy beards are a common issue with many men today.
The interesting thing, however, is that the patches of hair are only visible at certain lengths.

Most people with this problem use beard products to help create the illusion of evenness on their beards.
These products contribute to making your beards seem thicker than they are. A more natural way to approach this issue is keeping short, thick beards.

You, however, need to take note of the times when these patches start showing up, then trim the hairs to that length.

A beard thickener may also be used for professional results as well. This product is mostly used for individuals with thin hair.

A good barber should be able to help you get a fuller beard using his professional skills.

It is important that the beard thickener is the same colour as your natural hair - this is unless you are into a different style.

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