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This makes me happy.

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🇧🇷 @theslowmelt é um podcast que eu adoro e com o qual aprendo muito. Sua autora, @simransethi, explica o mundo do bean to bar artesanal e entrevista pessoas importantes das áreas do cacau e do chocolate.
Os últimos episódios que eu ouvi fazem parte da 2a temporada, o Makers Series, em que ela entrevista os chocolate makers e faz uma degustação com eles. Muito legal poder conhecer as suas histórias, escolhas, sucessos e dificuldades.
Estes 2 chocolates eu tinha em casa e foi super interessante degustar à distância com ela e com Shawn Askinosie da @askinosie (episódio 2) e com a chef Sarah Tibbetts da @valrhonausa (episódio 3). A 1a temporada também foi excelente (meu favorito: episódio 7). É tudo em inglês, claro, mas para quem entende o idioma e quer entender melhor a revolução dos chocolates bean to bar artesanais, esse é um dos melhores caminhos.
Simran Sethi é também autora do livro Bread, Wine , Chocolate - The Slow Loss of Foods We Love, que também vale muito a pena ler. .
🇺🇸@theslowmelt is a podcast that I love and where I learn a lot. Its author, @simransethi, explains the world of bean to bar and interviews important people from the fields of cacao and chocolate.
The latest episodes that I've listen to are part of season 2, the Makers Series, in which she interviews chocolate makers and taste their chocolates with them. Very nice to be able to hear about their history, choices, successes and difficulties.
Those 2 bars I had at home and it was super interesting to taste them from a distance with her and Shawn Askinosie of @askinosie (ep.#2) and with chef Sarah Tibbetts of @valrhonausa (ep.#3). The 1st season was also excellent (my favorite: Episode 7). It's all in English, of course, but for those who understand the language and want to better understand the craft bean to bar revolution, this is one of the best ways.
Simran Sethi is also author of the book Bread, Wine, Chocolate-The Slow Loss of Foods We Love, which also is very worthwhile reading.

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Last night, my 5 year old asked if we could go on a date to Taste. He loves it there, but I'm pretty sure he can sense when I start to crave it and that I can't say no. Grant's favorite thing to do is a chocolate tasting and he can remember which ones he has tried and does or doesn't like. He also downed half this charcuterie board, which happened to be my dinner for the evening. Moderation! 💃🏻
I'm working on finding the perfect book for our first official bookclub and anyone who would like a night out can meet us at Taste! Having read, or not. 📚
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This image is an iZotope Ozone spectrogram from sound researcher Felipe Carvalho. It is a visual representation of sounds that make your chocolates feel and taste more rough and bitter. “We have been able to produce a creamy soundtrack and another soundtrack that has an opposite effect that makes the chocolate be perceived as less creamy. We called it a rough chocolate. The rough soundtrack is very dissonant, is very dry. I would say maybe it could even be understood as a crunchy soundtrack. I don't know if crunchy [is the right word], but a rough soundtrack is definitely very dissonant and very dry, very pizzicato. A creamy soundtrack is very fluid. I can imagine a flute with major chords with a lot of reverberation and very slow speed.” - Felipe Carvalho @sonic.taste in our Producer's Choice from Season One, Episode 5: “Eat With Your Ears (And More).” Please listen and share (link in bio).
ロンドンで行われた インターナショナル・チョコレート・アワードの授賞式にて、フェイトリア・ド・カカオのおふたりの素敵な笑顔。


Mais um pedacinho da Prawer acaba de desembarcar no Empório.

Bombons Finos Artesanais
Dark - 70%cacau com nibs;
Moca - chocolate ao leite com creme de café em chocolate meio amargo;
Truffel ao leite
Gold - chocolate ao leite com recheio de creme de avelãs e flocos de arroz;
Creme Holandês - chocolate ao leite com recheio Cremoso a base de leite condensado:
Laranjinha - laranjas glaceafas cobertas com chocolate ao leite.

Só provando você conseguirá entender.... Empório Buongustaio - Cafés & Chocolates
A felicidade mora aqui
Kasama is hitting the road! This Saturday October 21 Kasama Chocolate is super excited to be at the @kamloopsfarmersmarket from 8:30am-12:30pm. You can find our goat's milk bars and the rest of our lineup just down the goat track at the 200 block of St Paul St. Come by and say hello to Ollie, Laura and Stefan and try some of our free samples. #beantobar #kasamachocolate #supportlocalbc
Sign up by midnight tomorrow (Friday 20th) to get our November chocolates!
This Salty Sweet Box got everyone in the Salt Shack all on their best behaviour because who wouldn't want this on their Nice List??! @sirenechocolate crafts a delicious Fleur de Sel dark chocolate bar that uses beans from, "Fazenda Camboa Plantation - not far from the sea, which might explain why this chocolate marries so well with the essence of ocean waters." - Sirene Chocolate

Tasting this chocolate speaks of the magic that happens with the marriage of the best ingredients - it's rich, buttery smooth, with just the right balance of bitterness, sweetness and a hint of saltiness in the end. This Fleur de Sel Bar is a true Chocolate lover's delight! Order yours today! <link in our profile>. ❤️🍫❤️
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☺️, Súper contentos de compartir con ustedes que la tableta de chocolate de leche Ámbar 46% cacao Finca “El Paraíso” obtuvo medalla de plata en la Final “The International Chocolate Awards 2017”. Un logro muy importante en pro del cacao y el chocolate mexicano! TA.CHO, “con un pie en México y otro en la globalidad”, 🇲🇽🥈🍫!! @chocawards
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Manos a la obra! Estamos preparando una súper sorpresa de ÓBOLO Chocolate. Uds lo pidieron así que nosotros lo estamos haciendo. #boutiquedechocolate #beantobar #fabricabeantobar #saladecata #tiendaóbolo #barrioitalia #santiago #chile
Dandelion Chocolate 70% Ambanja, Madagascar

Made in San Francisco

Found this bar at the Dandelion Chocolate factory. It’s another masterpiece by them. It’s buttery smooth (the texture/mouthfeel is flawless as expected) and I noticed an alcoholic taste at first. Then the fruitiness kicks in and it’s both sweet and tart and incredibly flavorful. My girlfriend, who has been dabbling in dark chocolate, tried this one with me. She loved it so much she became obsessed and wants to order a bunch of bars. This one sent her over the edge guys, that’s how good it is.
Manos a la obra! Estamos preparando una súper sorpresa de ÓBOLO Chocolate. Uds lo pidieron así que nosotros lo estamos haciendo. #boutiquedechocolate #beantobar #fabricabeantobar #saladecata #tiendaóbolo #barrioitalia #santiago #chile
Cutest little cacao pod in Hawai'i! From the Nine Fine Mynahs cacao farm in Waialua, whose young and accomplished farmers J & Bruce are on their way to Paris to see if they make it from the semifinals of the Cocoa of Excellence Awards of he top 50 cacaos in the world into the top 20 winners next week! You can already taste their excellent growing skills and our fermentation in the Nine Fine Mynahs Trinitario and Criollo bars we have available.

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