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Oh oh, now I have to go downstairs Bea, can I drive downstairs with the skateboard? Oh god Bo!!! NO!!!!
Look Dan! I'm the greatest skater ever  / Bo, be careful  It's the first time you skate!!! / You're only jealous 
Dan is working hard  good night friends! Sweet dreams
Dan and Bo can't wait to play in the park..."Come on Bea, start the Engine!!!
Bo is playing hide and seek! "Huhu, can you see me between all these bokeh 
What is this Bea? Looks very interesting It's the rev counter, Bo!
Bo is so exited! We are starting a jaunt by car 
Can't sleep - which book shall I Read? good night dear IG family
Grrrrr... I hate it i had a bath yesterday! That's enough
Don't wanna go to bed!!! Don't tell Mommy i'm here...pssstt
Look Dan! What is this? Oh, it's a pig as a symbol of good luck - it seems will be lucky next year 
Hello Bea! I'm Dan and this is my little brother Bo from Japan  From now on we live here together with you! Let's have fun 