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User Image itsalexpeterson Posted: Mar 20, 2018 9:30 PM (UTC)

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5 miles today! 🏃‍♀️👏 In other news, my Beats by Dre died on me again (after I just had them replaced, too) so I got myself these instead. Excited to use them but with this snow coming I'll probably have to wait another day. 😂☃️
User Image Posted: Mar 20, 2018 9:28 PM (UTC)

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Today I will share some useful information ( hope so!)😉 about the anatomy of the back, its function, location in the body to help turn your tiny back into massive slabs of muscle.💪🏼

▪️Lower Back (Lower Trapezius)
Function:Depression of the scapula.
Location: From the scapula all the way down to the top of the buttocks—or basically the lower portion of the back around the spine.✔️ ▪️Middle Back (Rhomboids)
Retracts the scapula
Downward Rotation of the scapula.
Connected to both the scapula and the Spinal Column in the middle of the back.✔️ ▪️Lats (Latissimus Dorsi) Extension
Medial rotation
Inserts in the lower 6 thoracic and lumbar vertebrae. Also inserts in the middle side of the arm pit area (humerous).✔️ ▪️Traps (Trapezius)
Elevation, addiction and depression of the scapula.
Inserts at the top of the neck travels all the way down the spine and inserts just about the buttocks.✔️ •
I hope I can develop all of them one day to see them on myself! ☝🏼😅

Hope you Find this post useful for your back training! ✅

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User Image chloedevos_ Posted: Mar 20, 2018 9:29 PM (UTC)

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Datenight with my girls ❤️
User Image omgeefit Posted: Mar 20, 2018 9:25 PM (UTC)

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User Image sweatandtravel Posted: Mar 20, 2018 9:28 PM (UTC)

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Found this quote and it‘s just perfect for me. I remember when I‘ve began with this Instagram account I was afraid to write in english because I thought people would be annoyed of it. But it was the only way for me to learn english because I will never use this language in otherways to really learn it. Before, I couldn‘t write in english and had to translate it with google 😆 But after reading and always trying to write in english I really could improve it. I‘m happy and proud of my learning curve and I‘m curious how good I can use my english in America🙈 It‘s still not perfect and to speak is so much harder to me than writing. But I think sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zone, right?
If you afraid of doing something, no matter what, just do it and don‘t care what others think about you. If I can do, you can do it too! Always believe in yourself and never give up. I‘m sure one day we will looking back and being so proud of ourselves that we stepped out of our comfort zone. #nevergiveup #youcandoit
User Image alexandrakrodriguez Posted: Mar 20, 2018 9:26 PM (UTC)

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A little transformation Tuesday coming at ya! 21 vs 26 ( almost 27 🙊)

I don’t think I will EVER let this dress go. My amazing sister got it for me for my 21st birthday, and it is still going strong! Happy lady in both, but on a continuing journey of figuring out how to treat my mind + body better in the second. 💜🦄
User Image wildhunnyfit Posted: Mar 20, 2018 9:27 PM (UTC)

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Why I decided to take a week off (and why that’s TOTALLY okay) – a mini rant, by Deryn -

Hi babes! 👋🏽 So, some of you might have noticed that I’ve been basically MIA for the last week. 🌬 A few insta stories documenting my time traveling the UK 🇬🇧, but that’s it. No posts, no therapy clients, no workout videos, nothing. 🚫 And here’s why: I took the week off – from everything! I let myself get off track with not just social media, but my nutrition and fitness as well. 👀 And honestly? I have no regrets. -
I had BIG plans for my trip to London. ✈️ I was going to wake up for a super early morning workout every single day 💪🏽, stay completely dialed in with my nutrition 🌱, and check in with social media and the #fitgirlgang every day. 👩🏽‍💻 Once I got there, though, I realized how unrealistic I was being. Even if the jet lag wasn’t a factor, I wanted to be able to enjoy myself without feeling guilty. 🙈 Did I still spend most of my day on my feet, exploring? 🤸🏽‍♀️Yes. But did I also eat buckets of sushi 🍱 and share a few bottles of sparkles with my sister and her friends? 🥂Hell, yes. -
I guess this post is just about the importance of balance. 🧘🏽‍♀️ Eat the food that makes you happy. Put on pretty dresses, stay out late, and wake up with a hangover every once in a while. Fuel your body, but don’t forget that you have to fuel your soul, too.
- “Slipping up” and stuffing yourself silly with McDonalds 🍔 after a night out is not the end of the world. Missing a workout is not the end of the world. What it IS is you listening to your body when it’s too tired, or your soul when it demands tacos 🌮 and beer 🍻 and fun (that’s definitely a thing, souls need tacos 😉). The important part is knowing that you can have those things, AND still work out and go back to following an eating plan the next day. -
So did I drink WAY too much beer this week? Probably. But did I have the best time ever running around London with my sister? 👯‍♀️ Absolutely. And did getting back to my bright and early workout routine yesterday morning feel beyond amazing? 💪🏽✨ Hell yes!
User Image laura_s_beek Posted: Mar 20, 2018 9:26 PM (UTC)

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🎂 We went skiing with the Birthday Boy today. 🏂⛷Hard to believe my youngest is 12 already! Groomers were fast and smooth and we practically had the mountain to ourself - often entire ski runs without seeing another person. My daughter was sweet enough to chase me down the mountain with my phone 😁. #bbg #bbgmom #bbgmum #bbgover40 #bbgover30 #fitmom #beautahful #utah #utahmom #cancersurvivor #fitaftercancer #bbgliss #skiutah #skimom #skifast #skithebeav #logancanyon #beaktopeak #ski #skier #fit #⛷
User Image s.lory_ Posted: Mar 20, 2018 9:26 PM (UTC)

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Esperimento di oggi😋 barrette energetiche con fichi secchi, burro di arachidi, fiocchi di avena, bacche di goji, semi di chia, pistacchi, semi di girasole, semi di lino e mandorle tritate 😍
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Happy #transformationtuesday - the race edition 😎😎
These photos, taken 3.5 years apart, show my journey from first race - a half marathon - to my latest - my first official full marathon. On the left, I was wearing a terrible sports bra with no support, a vest which chafed, and shorts which I'd never run in before and left me with rubbing so bad that i borrowed @lucie.eats pyjamas and still haven't given them back (sorry, sis!) 😘 Swipe? A photo where I'm wearing a technical half-marathon finishers' top, shorts that actually fit (plus Vaseline to make sure!), A proper @shockabsorber sports bra, and amazing @saucony shoes that make me feel like I fly! My pace has changed, my mindset has changed, my equipment has changed but... In both, I look a complete mess 😂 Honestly? I'm not sure how so many people look so glam running! (Also, on a side note, I MADE IT TO THE GYM TODAY!!) ⭐⭐⭐
#run #runnergirl #running #marathon #marathoner #womenrunning #marathontraining #fit #fitness #strong #girlswholift #bbg #strenthfeed #move #gym #gymrat #ultra #food #fitnessmotivation #lift #lifting #transformation #girl #womenswear #healthylifestyle #health #training #trailrunning
User Image charlieroofroof Posted: Mar 20, 2018 9:25 PM (UTC)

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'The Secret of my Success ' a classic 80's film 📺🎥🎬
Success ! It's such a personal thing ! We associate success with great victories but actually success is something that can happen every single day of your life ! Don't over look the small wins - The workout you did when you didn't want too - The willpower it took to resist picking up a Takeaway or a bottle of wine 🍷 after a long hard day ! Sometimes there are days where you feel like you're wading through mud just to get the simple things done - These are all victories and need to be acknowledged and celebrated because they are part of your journey 😊 So don't wait for the moments of great success - starting tomorrow make it part of your day, every day to be proud of everything you overcome and achieve ❤ .
#victories #wins #success #90daysssgraduate #90daysssplan #joewicks #bodycoach #lucybee #eatingclean #gettinglean #leanin15 #healthyeating #fitspo #fitfoodie #slimmingworld #weightwatchers #bbg #kaylaitsines #scottishslimmers #slimfast #wellbeing #livinglean #newlife #leanbody #weightloss #fatlossjourney
User Image newleafnutrition Posted: Mar 20, 2018 9:22 PM (UTC)

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The KEY reason I do what I do today is to show others that not only are diets NOT necessary to achieve the health, energy, weight, body, life you love; they are IN FACT DETRIMENTAL to all those things!!
Like most other women, I grew up watching not only my mum diet, but my Nana, my Aunty’s, family friends, my own friends, my friends mums, the list is ENDLESS.
But the thing is I saw, and still see, how it completely ROBS these beautiful women of everything they actually want!
Not to mention stealing their time, energy, attention and dollars from other precious parts of life!!
I want EVERY woman to know that dieting is NOT the answer and that there is another way!
IMO diets are just DUMB!
There is a much smarter, and may I say, more FUN way to get what you want!
But first, you MUST ditch the diet!
You MUST say NO MORE!!
Break up with the diet, the search for THE perfect meal plan and the constant leak of your previous life energy in this realm....
Then I can show you the alternative!
NO diets!
NO deprivation!
Nothing but LOVING what you eat, how you live your body and YOURSELF!
This is my why...
This is my message....
Are you on board?
Can you ditch the diet??
Are you on the eternal search for THE ONE ??! (Diet)
Why do you think we all seem to believe that the answers and happiness we seek are in a diet?
Where/how did you learn this message?

I’d LOVE to show you another way!! Lotsa love xooxox

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