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▪️Vince carter is easily the best dunker of all time. However, when Blake griffin dunks it feels as if he's always looking to go for the poster. Which is very admirable because it shows he can care less who's in the paint, you won't stop him.
▪️Almost every basketball player wants to dunk. That's exactly the mindset one needs to have to excel in basketball physically. Aspiring to jump higher will naturally effect how strong you get. It's not just about dunking, having a high vertical jump improves your all around game. -
▪️What are some exercises you do to increase your vertical?
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That's a wrap on Nike Statement House #Chi & #NYC - here's a few more from #NewYork, bc we just can't get enough 🙌 Happy #Sunday, y'all! 🏀👟🎤🎊
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