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Fuck boy need to STAHHHPPPPPPP. Bitch you ain't got no car, no license, no job. Why in God's name would I destroy what I got to fuck with your stupid ass. You think he don't see the shit you send me or get told what the hell you've said to me!?!?! And he's supposed to be your "boy". Can't fuck with this! Boy bye! Only reason I keep you around is cuz I like the ticket little bitch. #fuckboys #boybye #unbreakable #youneedarealitycheck #youaintallthat #realshit #scrub #barkingupthewrongtree
Are you giving, matching or taking😳 the people we surround ourselves with are what we most commonly become 😲
This... needs to be on the night stand of everyone working to figure it out... loving the chapters about balancing the pursuit of "success" and establishing boundaries. How much do you give of yourself without "getting played" a world of Givers there are far more Takers 💥So many Givers are left exhausted because they are "sprinkling" their giving so far and wide they have nothing of value left for themselves. Then Takers guilt Givers so that Takers can keep taking. I've met a lot of Takers and I allowed them a place in my life foolishly but that stopped so long ago that's was the only way I started winning. Are you a Giver, a Matcher or a Taker? #inspiration #leadersarereaders #stopbeingused #metoo #barkingupthewrongtree #pantsuitnation #blackgirlmagic #womensrights #humanrights #standup #wethepeople #giversgain #takeresponsibility
Bringing back the porn stache for #movember ? Maybe I'll do an @apexvisionfitness fundraiser for charity if anyone is on board🤔😅. On a side note, what defines what makes people successful from those who are not? Wel, recently read a book called #barkingupthewrongtree and it was an eye opener to learn the average millionaire only had a Grade point average of 2.9, and almost never do class valedictorians go on to be greatly successful atleast from a financial or major accomplishment standpoint. The book goes into details why but I'm curious to know what you think ?
My name is Scott and I've reached the unboxing stage of my life.
I think this meme is awesome. Dogs staring at me while I am having my dinner, definitely not awesome. #barkingupthewrongtree
Swatches of the @urbandecaycosmetics #HeavyMetalsPalette 💥💥
@jordanliberty swatched the palette and has a YouTube video coming up soon. He says they are extremely metallic and pigment without all the glitter. He was really impressed. His only negative was that the packaging was bulky!
I haven't been excited about a #udpalette in awhile!! This might be the one!!
Thanks for the tag @fyi_beauty
#newpretties #HeavyMetalHoliday #udheavymetals #Holiday2017 #udholiday2017 #fuckcancer #jordanliberty #damnthatmanisfine #barkingupthewrongtree
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