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Happy Birthday to my main man @smstarkey 🎈This is the only picture I could find of us where I look vaguely passable, so I'm afraid you've taken one for the team. #itsblackandwhitethoughsoyoustilllookclassy #nobeard #barelyrecognisable Love you long time 💕
Ooooooh! Suits you sir!! New glasses! New hair do! Just need a new tattoo and to lose some more weight and il be a whole new me!! #changes #hairdo #newglasses #barelyrecognisable #me #changing
_yasiin 51w ago
Crazy how much you can achieve when you put your mind to something. Tried to make the photos as similar as possible - No good lighting, no flexing, no superior angles, no filters (apart from the one on the left, couldnt find the original) and no pump. Just an example of what you can expect throughout a natural bodybuilding transformation! No excuses/ shortcuts, just hard work!
P.s. Don't always rely on the scale.. it lies too. How you feel & look is more important than a number.
#12kgofGains #IdLikeToThankChickenBreastsForAllTheProtein #AndFawknerLeisureCentre #TheRealOG
Well I decided to give the aul drawing a whack again .. Mr. Jack Nicholson done in a continous line drawing ☺ very rusty but you gotta start somewhere #drawing #barelyrecognisable #giveitawhacksure