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Ready for my workout and I got my bangs to stay up in my ponytail!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Now let's see how long they actually stay up there 😂

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I literally woke up like this. Tästä tulee katseita kääntävä perjantai! #hyväähuomenta
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I wish I liked bangs in my eyes but I just don't, like the look of it, but hate them touching my forehead and eyes.... #bangsproblems #Hair 💁💇‍♀️
Wake up with bent bangs and no time? Don't freak.
How To Tame Crazy Bent Bangs.
Having long hair can make getting ready easier. You can normally wake up, do whatever you want with it (including nothing!) and go on with your day. For those of us with bangs, things can be difficult. Sometimes we wake up the day (or a few days) after washing our hair to bent bangs or bangs that look great on one side but horrible on the other. Or, am I the only one?! Here's an easy fix that works almost every time, without having to re-wash...and re-dry...and then style. And, without using a curling or flat iron.
Style the rest of your hair. Pull your bangs straight up and then back onto the top of your head, flat. Use a clip or a bobby pin to secure them. (Sometimes clipping them to the side works, too.) This will get you on your way. After about half an hour, take them down. They should then be manageable and have more body. Use your fingers to get your bangs how you want them. Give them a spritz of spray, or not, and you're done.
For extra body and to give your hair a more fresh look, work dry "shampoo" or baby powder (cornstarch) through your hair. - Tammy Kirby

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That one piece of your bangs that's being a jerk #bangsproblems
All bangs-decisions must end with a 'oh, fxck off already!' 💇🏻‍♀️
Oh and I am not sick or tired in this pic, I just like red eyeshadows which makes me look half dead from times to times 💀🖖🏻 wee.

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Cut bangs. Bangs grow long. Cut bangs again. Decide to grow out bangs. Bangs get too long. Cut bangs again. Repeat the cycle.
@fullybakedyoga I stopped. I dropped. I tucked. 😂 Andy, thank you for thinking of me! Sorry I didn't come up with anything exciting however my Unicorn horn decided to show itself so there is that! 😬😂🤷🦄 Would the tagged like to #SDY when and if you would like?
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