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🚨New Item Alert!🚨 Baby Oh Baby! Come check out these adorable Baggallini diaper bags before they're gone!
Check out this bag from Baggallini.
Don't forget, we don't just sell shoes.
I tried to put on my purse this morning and the strap just...fell off. No idea where the other half of the clasp went, but it's not anywhere here. Damn fine purse, it held up to 3 years of daily use and a handful of tumbles through the washer and dryer. #baggallini
New Fall styles from Lisette pants & tops, Montana Co jackets, Dansko shoes and bags from Baggallini. #lisette #dansko #baggallini #stylishfallclothing
Organization for the woman on-the-go. Whether it's 5 blocks or 5 time zones.
Sneak peek at our 1st pop-up store in @mallofamerica!

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