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🤑 That's an interesting combination, isn't it?
Do you like it? 🙃
Tidal went in for their hurricane relief concert last night. NY showed tffff out!! Tap my ig-story for a recap & to hear about my close call with the queen @beyonce 😩😭 #tidalxbrooklyn
#Baeaf Can I just take a moment to say that you are so #beautiful Honestly. I know your struggle looking in the mirror babe, and I know it takes everything in you at times not to completely #breakdown or punch your reflection. I know how hard you try to put on a #braveface and soldier through your #insecurity with all the #bravado you can muster, and I know how easy that #shield you create is to #crack. You should know though, that when I say you're beautiful, it doesn't mean I think you pretty. (Bear with me babe) Yes, you have a #prettyface and a #thickbod, and can cleanup like no other, but your beauty is not there. Its in your 💗 and I know your 💗, and #god knows your heart better than anyone (even me). So please, honey, when you think of breaking, remember that the kind of beauty you possess is so much greater than your reflection or what people choose to see when they interact with you. Your #heart is #oneofakind #precious Keep it #safe and keep it full of #love even when this cold world tries to break you. 💓💓💓 #wcw #wce
🍁It’d look a hell of a lot better with you up in it!🍁 #wcw #baeaf #shepurdy #chevy #freerides
Lizzy u a real cool ass woman and mother. We've chilled like 3-4 times but I feel like we've known each other for longer... Your an amazing an beautiful person... And your post was so random and unexpected and I thank u... Lol but boo I will be at your Halloween party with Jah.. I really hope our friendship gets stronger and stronger... Love ya boo😘😘😘😍 #baeaf
#shebadiknow #wcw😍 @lizzybayybee
God is just getting warmed up with you congratulations on your first job offer I’m proud of you 🌹#wcw #baeaf #mylawyergirl

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