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Alright I guess the review is to short...I thought that’s what you guys wanted. So I’ll review it here. The movie starts out meeting the band and where they came from. The writer pretends Jonny comes from a shit area but on screen it looks normal. The movie is a normal start so it starts out good. 10 mins later the band gets dicked over by another band and all of a sudden they meet the affects when they meet him(he even shows them he is but still nothing) Worst part was they all didn’t react like they just met him they just didn’t care. So they sign a deal by murder. Which was dumb how it happend. And boom deals money tits all the good stuff. The movie drops dead when Andy pretends he knows how to act scared or in love with his GF leaving akwardness to the audience. It was rough to watch. After that awful scene. Jonny(main character) takes a turn for the worst and starts fucking and doing drugs, which was the most believable part of the movie. Skip ahead more dumb shit, the devil pretends he is a girl Jonny is fucking and then says he wasn’t which makes you say “when is this movie over” devil says kill someone on stage to show your are the best.blah blah skip to the end. The end of the movie is so bad it made me want to listen to nickelback. Jonny says to his gf something so dumb it makes the movie look like “the Room”. Anyway movie is 4/10 at best. They could of made it better but lazy writing and acting kills this movie. Boom review. If things are spelt wrong sorry I ate paint chips when I was a kid . #americansatan #movie #andybiersack #jonny #metaljimrocks #awful #sad #tobad #badmovie #badacting #sorry #toldyou
Tonight’s stink-a-roo , old cult classic Killer shrews or something . Also starring “roscoe p coaltrain” of Dukes of Hazzard fame . 😝🤓 #creaturefeatures #saturdaynighthorror #northbaytv #classichorror #blackandwhite #badacting

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