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🥓 B A C O N Maple Syrup Cupcake 🍁 made with Organic Bacon and Canadian Maple Syrup- our latest special now online to order! ⚡️🙌🏻😊 Now, THIS is what I call a true dessert-for-breakfast! I’m usually not one to mix savoury and sweet but this was a REAL delightful surprise- how the maple syrup beautifully ties together the bacon and frosting and brings out all of each flavours!! 😋 We are in LOVE with maple syrup right now.
Wake up to this ultimate cupcake plus bacon 2-in-1 for that cozy breakfast-in-bed this weekend everyone ~~~* 🙌🏻😉🥓🥓🥓☀️
🌿All our cupcakes are made fresh using
. Organic Eggs
. Organic Milk
. Organic Flour
. Organic Butter
. And HALF the Sugar! 🙌🏻✨
💌 DM to Order
The best Canadian Bacon 🥓 you'll ever eat 👌

Come grab some, just packed!
No #Halloween decorations up in my house but there is a bit of #homemade #dairyfree #pumpkinsoup. It would be #vegetarian or #vegan had I not had to sprinkle some #baconbits on it. I had a lot of fresh pumpkin to make dishes with but I’m not a sweets, or pumpkin dessert or bread kind of gal. A little #glutenfree #garlicbread on the side and oh my ghost... how yummy!!!
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Brumua de maduro 🍌en fundición de queso
mozarela 🧀 y tocineta 🥓 así de maravilla es nuestra #Chalupa #TQM ven y disfrútala con una refrescante agua de Flor de Jamaica 🍷🌺🌸 y si la prefieres en combo con papas a la francesa 🍟 encuéntranos en la 📍Av. La Basílica # 16 - 14 o pídela a domicilio al 🛵☎️(317)520-0098
I'd like to say a BIG thank you to everyone who caught last night's episode of #chicagopd 👏 Your love and endless support means the world to me. I'd also like to thank the big homie, @roycedavoyce for being such a gracious host to all the guest actors while we were in the Chi. You a real one and a true stand-up brotha. Much love and respect. 👊🏾 A very special Thank You goes out to the amazing crew, (I see you @brianluce000 and @jessica_theartist ), especially #terrymiller for giving me the job and letting me do my thing. You're a wonderful director. Last but not least, to my brothers; @clifford_mcghee @the_brianmichael and @ibnard You boys are so fuckin talented. You really brought the heat and I'm so proud of the work you put down on this show. I'm honored to have worked with all of you and you'll always be my brothers. We did the damn thang and looked good doing it too. Word to #baconbits 🔥 and to the city of #chicago I got nothing but love for you. This was definitely one of my most memorable experiences to date. One love. 👊🏾
Turned my #ketocake into more of a #ketobiscuit. This is the same foundation of #almondflour, #bakingpowder and an #egg, but some shredded #cheddar, #baconbits, italian seasoning, #garlic, melted #coconutoil and microwave for 2-3 minutes, cut evenly and dipped in #butter. Turned out really freaking good! #keto #ketogenic

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