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Whiskey Rain
Baby I know that I ain't the man I could be
Baby I know that I ain't the man I should be
But baby if you, could just put some trust in me we could make those memories that I know we both can see
An yes I know I dun you wrong, that's why I'm back here writing songs, about life and love and pain and Whiskey Rain,
Baby I know that I drink way too damn much
baby I know our time together wasn't much
But baby if you,.... yea if you could only see that I'd do anything to hold you close,
and dance away the pain in the Whiskey Rain. "All I got for tonight. Till my damn voice gets back!" Only posted for help in adding hammer ons in intro or other advice it's been over seven or eight years since I've wrote anything. Any advice helps 😅#backatitagain #songwriting #feels #mood #getoverit #hammeron #amateur #feelingdefeated
Haven't been on a board since like 12, about to break some ankles, plus I missed the bike lol. @jgclimbs already trying to claim it for herself lol she can have it for now finally shout out to my sponsors @gnar_g_bar @big_odes for the setup lol, bout to Vinny this....oh and ma dukes for the nuts...all 20lbs @macavalie3c
Its been ages since I got to go to class, but Im back at it! Excited to see that somehow, despite missing a few weeks, my #musicbox isnt horrible #aerialsilks #beginneraerialist #beginnersilks #workout #backatitagain
Lifted tonight for the first time in about 4 months (chest duh it's Monday) Weak as hell but motivated more than ever to get bigger and stronger than I've ever been.. #backatitagain #puttininwork #strength #strongereveryday #powerlifting #bodybuilding
Officially made my #comeback on #YouNow on my #BDay
Came in at #Number1 in #Musicians
Thank y’all and much appreciation all around. I thank my fans so much for the support and it feels great to be back. It’s 💡💡#KRET💡💡#KSWW🤙🤘
@sekretsauce @larican13 @haileyandaiden18 @jeromy_outlaw1
First cool🌬night run in my new #newbalance Harley Quinn laces sneaks 🏃🏼‍♀️ #backatitagain

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