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In case you missed it. . . BABELY 2.0 was announced this week! Coming up: more lady community, bomb food & drink, photo sessions, and more surprises! Going deeper with a TWO DAY retreat! Follow @__babely__ and email to inquire about the Early Bird deal!
March 10th-11th, 2018.
Bring order from chaos and make your desk look goooood with our leather tech accessories. Thanks to @littlealejandra and @_babely_ for this sexy shot of our #leathertravelgoods.
I love this gal and I love that this is our best photo because we laugh too much to stand still. The best result of a shitty job was meeting your beautiful soul. Plus you look good in like every hat so 🖤 .
(ps credit to a rather intoxicated photographer who managed to capture this magic 📷: @zeusmillerny )
Attn ladies! We are thrilled to officially announce round two of Babely. Mark your calendars for not one, but TWO days of lady community, bomb food & drink, dance parties, a killer portrait session and so. much. more. Two days means we get to take this thing to a whole ‘notha level and hoooly shit is it going to be good.
Want to join the family? To be the first in line to get access to more information and early bird ticket sales, hit us up at

Seattle. March 10-11th, 2018. Get ready.
So the gorgeous (and seriously talented) @sloshandmollyjane is selling amazing lingerie pieces and they're selling out FAST as you can see, so get your ass over to or hit up the link in her bio to check out what she's got. Go nuts and then post pics 😘
Quick whatever the fuck day it is for #inktober because 1) I'm exhausted 2) I never want to draw a side profile of myself topless again. 3) wtf is with my arms. #needtostickwithnatureart #confessions #latenight "I like to cook naked and think about the next time I'll masturbate to someone I know like my #babely Jewish endodontist." 🍑👌 #imjs

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