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User Image swatijr Posted: Nov 21, 2017 6:37 AM (UTC)
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Did you miss my FB Live class today?! 🌗❄️✨Here’s what we covered:

I pulled a card from my #plantwisdom deck to set the intention for the week.
I shared the theme of the days and weeks ahead- more support. Look for where you’re resisting.
We tracked the Moon constellations for the week ahead and shared reminders. Very delicate Moon this week!

Two transits this week! Mercury moves to Sagittarius and Venus shifts to Scorpio. Changes for mind and inner waters ahead! 🌗❄️✨ Join The #MoonTribe here 👉🏼
User Image recycle_green Posted: Nov 21, 2017 6:36 AM (UTC)
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Organic herbal dyed unisex innerwear boxer geometrical floral print cambric

A product created with great passion for environment and love for life. The most sensitive area of our body is skin. It needs pure material, free of all toxic chemicals, to protect it. This garment is made using 100% ORGANIC COTTON and dyed using medicinally rich herbs with ancient knowledge of AYURVEDA. Completely skin friendly. Beautiful designed, stylish and comfortable. Available in many attractive natural and herbal colours.

This single garment saves approx 1600 litres of water pollution.

Herb used for colour: Madder (for red & shades), Haritaki (Cream, black, brown, coffee), Cutch, Cutechu ( Brown, Red, Maroon, Black, Coffee), Indigo (Blue all shades), Turmeric (Yellow all shaded), Onion ( Biscuit, pink, coffee, brown), Pomegranate (Yellow, Cream, black). It only does not help human but directly helps environment by saving a lot of toxic chemicals going in land, water and air during it's process. Also saves carbon emision. Consuming this encouraging plantations of these herbs for consuming demand.

Available in different colours and sizes.

Make: Aura

Instructins of use:
· Hand Wash/Gentle wash separately · Wash at room temperature (30° C ) · Use mild detergents only · Do not bleach or scrub · Dark Colour may Bleed · Dry in shade · Avoid all contact with citric content substances

Buy at

Shipping worldwide.

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User Image tgrigg Posted: Nov 21, 2017 6:35 AM (UTC)
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tgrigg 7m ago
Today’s beauty bowl of oats involves seasonal Persimmon. This fruit is delicious and indulgently sweet and the texture reminds me a little bit of pumpkin! Winter fruits are a whole other ball game and it’s important to include them for variety at this time of year 🌥🍁
#fitfam #fitfamuk #fitfamcanada #fitness #fitnessmotivation #health #healthy #healthylife #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #healthybreakfast #healthyeating #healthyfood #local #organic #sustainableliving #sustainableeating #seasonalfruit #eatseasonal #ayurveda #ayurvedic #ayurvedicfood
User Image dharmayasam Posted: Nov 21, 2017 6:32 AM (UTC)
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Küçüğüz ama çocuk olamıyoruz. Büyüğüz ama yetişkin olamıyoruz. Çocuk sahibiyiz ama ebeveyn olamıyoruz. Cinsiyetlerimiz var ama kadın ya da erkek olmayı bilemiyoruz. Öğrenci, öğretmen, doktor gibi ünvanlarımız var ama öğrenci, öğretmen, doktor olamıyoruz. Arkadaşlarımız var ama dost olmayı bilemiyoruz. Kelimeleri kullanıyor ama iletişim kuramıyoruz. Sadece şu anda var olabiliyor ama şimdide kalamıyoruz.
Bir şey ile sınırlanmak istemiyor her şey olmaya çalışıyor ama hiçbir şey olamıyoruz.

İşte o zaman varsayımlara sığınıyoruz. Güzel kelimeleri doğru kelimeler, sahte tevazuyu mütevazilik sanıyoruz; başımızı çevirirsek sorunların yok olacağını, iyi dileklerde bulunursak dünyanın iyi bir yer olacağını, inanca sığınırsak her şeyin yoluna gireceğini sanıyoruz. Çabalamadan elde edebileceğimizi, ah bir olanak tanınsa başaracağımızı, anlaşılsak beğenileceğimizi, adalet olsa mutlu olacağımızı, paramız olsa güvenliğimiz olacağını, yakınırsak ilgi göreceğimizi sanıyor, kısacası sanrılar içinde yaşıyoruz.

Yapmamız gereken şey sanrılardan kurtulmak ve egomuzu gerçekleştirmek. Ego’nun aşılması ilk olarak onun gerçekleştirilmesi ile mümkündür. Bu tıpkı rallici olmadan önce otomobil kullanmayı öğrenmeye, yazar olmadan önce okuma yazma öğrenmeye, öğretmen olmadan önce öğrenci olmaya, yetişkin olmadan önce çocuk olmaya benzer.

Bu sebeple de egoyu aşmak için ilk olarak egomuzu gerçekleştirmek lazım. Ego bizim “özgülüğümüz”dür. Yani kendimize “özgü” olma durumumuzdur. Ne tür bir olma haline “özgü” olduğumuzu öğrenmeden bunu aşmaya kalkmak mümkün değildir.
Bir ralliciye özgü yetenekleri olan bir insan aşçı, dansçı olmaya özgü yetenekleri olan bir insan bankacı, şifacı olmaya özgü nitelikleri olan bir insan mühendis olmak durumunda kalırsa nasıl mutsuz olur ve ne yapsa bu mutsuzluğunu geçiremez, kendini ifade edemezse aynı şekilde biz de egomuzu gerçekleştiremeden kendimizi gerçekleştiremeyiz. Kendini gerçekleştiremeyen bir insanın kendini aşması çok güçtür.
Bu sebeple bırakın varsayımları ve ilk olarak egonuzu tanıyın. Onu gerçekleştirin. Onu aşmanın başka bir yolu olmadığını göreceksiniz.
User Image sattva_energyfoods Posted: Nov 21, 2017 6:26 AM (UTC)
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Another #NutritousFood fact about Sattva!

Did you know this about our products?

Best of Organic ingredients only at Sattva Energy Foods!

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Ayurveda -the science of life, the system of traditional Indian medicine. These past few days we have been learning about the notions of Ayurveda, food energetics, understanding our body type, the emotional effects on digestion and body, food cravings, energy management an cooking sessions.
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User Image zharajane Posted: Nov 21, 2017 6:22 AM (UTC)
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10 days of nurturing and releasing with these beautiful women and many more, completing a Ayurvedic Punchakarma! I can not thank you enough for holding space and caring for me in the process of a deep healing within myself. I am, from the bottom of my heart grateful 🙏🏻 and it won’t be the last time. For anyone that is wanting to find balance in body, mind, spirit and ready to embark on a rough but beautiful journey into self, allowing you to become more in tune with your natural rhythm.. I could not recommend a Ayurvedic Punchakarma treatment more highly. I am also thankful to myself for committing to my own inner healing, allowing and accepting what is. ❤️ Feeling alive and shining brighter then ever! 🙏🏻 #Ayurveda #Punchakarma #ayurvedahealthhomenepal
User Image sukhamukhayoga Posted: Nov 21, 2017 6:22 AM (UTC)
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An Insight into Ayurveda podcast with @katiemanitsas, hosted by @jordannalevin link in profile. Once you step on the path to becoming a yoga teacher, you embark on a life-changing journey of continuous self-improvement. Katie is teaching our Yoga for The Individual module of Advanced Teacher Training next year. This includes components of Ayurveda protocols to deepen your practice & teaching. See our website for 2018 dates.
#sukhamukhayoga #katiemanitsas @katiemanitsas #ayurveda
User Image bath.madhulika Posted: Nov 21, 2017 6:19 AM (UTC)
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Sandalwood facewash cum shampoo. Scented with very expensive sandalwood essential oil from Tejaswanni. NOT FOR SALE. #tejaswanni, #soapmaking #madhulika #oliveoil, #natural #makeinindia #customised #handmade, #coconutoil, #herbal #ayurveda #2017,,#sandalwoodoil, #luxury, #holistichealth, #vegan #naturalremedy. Made for self use only.#facewash, #shampoo
User Image thecanuckyogi Posted: Nov 21, 2017 4:56 AM (UTC)
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#FallFlexyYogis Day 11! 🍁🌒 #WheelPose 🙃(with a leg extension in my variation). Today was so... intense with emotion. As I walked to my studio in the morn, it felt as if every sound was heightened and I kept jumping at every loud noise. I felt so spooked and I didn’t know why. 😨 Then at the studio, I mentioned that I had zero hours of sleep and I have a pretty bad headache to the owner. She told me again to try Ayurvedic herbs again and to crush them into tea rather than relying on melatonin. I don’t know how I became so transparent in front of her (as I’m usually good at hiding things). But she saw someone inside struggling. It was like she was walking around in my heart, soul and head. I told her about my dog and how I feel like I can’t heal until she’s gone. I told her because of the news I’ve lost weight and I’m trying to gain it back. And because of this, I have zero energy. “Enjoy your time with your dog. Would the little girl in you be sad if she knew you right now?” I couldn’t help but cry a little as I nodded. “I can see you’re compassionate and very empathetic; you absorb the feelings of others too easily and you need to take care of yourself. Be sympathetic but keep a gold shield of light around you.” It was such an emotional conversation. She also knows I’m trying to be vegan. She then told me that until I feel better, until I’m not exhausting myself, until I’m sleeping and at a healthy weight, I shouldn’t try being vegan at this point in time. Maybe in the future. “Promise me you’ll take care of yourself and do this.” I gave her a hug. I couldn’t remember the last time someone was so honest and genuine and compassionate. I’m actually tearing up thinking about the convo. ❤️ The thing is, cheese and milk and eggs... they now gross me out the same way meat does. But maybe I’ll consider adding eggs into meals. 😔 Thank you, Paras. You have such a beautiful soul. Much love to you 💕💖💕 .
@_monette .
User Image stonedogaltas Posted: Nov 21, 2017 6:08 AM (UTC)
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❤KUVARS AİLESİ TAŞLAR; ENERJİ ve ŞİFA ÇALIŞMALARIN DA KULLANILAN, EN ÖNEMLİ "KORUYUCU SEMBOL" DÜR. "Korunduğunuzu Hissettirir"... 🌟Hangisi?? Beğenin👌İsteyin👍 🌟Doğadaki derinlik ; "ŞİFA". #yoga #Fengshui #şifalıtaşlar #Ayurveda #spa #istanbul #dizayn #Hediye #marka #agat #kolye #yüzük #alyans #gümüş #altin #akik #artist #tiyatro #sinema #kuvars #muzik #tbt #cihangir #Nişantaşi #Doğal #reiki #rainbowonyx #marble #onyx #rainbowmarble

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