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This is possibly my favorite picture of our NYC trip 🌇 sunset drinks (+fries) on the rooftop bar of the 1 Hotel. As you can see, the sight was golden... sun reflecting yellow on the Brooklyn bridge and Manhattan skyscrapers🙌🏼 +joined by my people ❤️ @hansmetger @stefgoesmess @mrkness If you're looking for a good view of the Big Apple I'd rate this place as a 10. (Service and drinks are alright.)
Nothing will ever come between me and my bathtub. I like to cook myself in the bath like a lobster in a pan. Are you a bath person? #WHPperfectpair
If you go down to the woods today... crack on kids, put some effort into it!...need those sawn logs for my jewellery shoot! 😂🌳📿
Malin Head is a little breezy 🌬now to make our way to family lunch after a brisk morning walk, that definitely will wake you up 🍂
Is it okay to admit that I wish it was spring again? I feel like spring & summer flew by so fast... although Autumn is usually my favourite I have to confess to feeling a little melancholy about the fleeting moments that were summer... I am sure I will adapt easily enough and be excited by autumn again soon, I just need to spend some time outside at the nature reserve and before I know it I’ll be swooning over red berries, sparkling cobwebs, frost, mushrooms & the flaming trees 🍂🍁🍂
Right now I’m still snuggled under the duvet drinking tea contemplating a bath before eventually leaving the house... what are you up to today? I hope you’re having a relaxed Sunday 😘
Life update: It's been an insane whirlwind week —figuratively and literally (I'm looking at you hurricane Ophelia and storm Brian). ⛈Currently juggling a jet lag, catching up on 2 weeks of work, study for my qualifications, and recovering from a cold... the latter is probably a result of the first three. Plus trying to make an important decision on a time sensitive situation. No big deal🙇🏻‍♀️ so for now you'll get a few backlog posts from our recent trip to NYC😇
Sunday morning calm, while the children were still sleeping
Wrote a cozy little post with 10 inspiring little quotes - all about slowing down + getting quiet. Perfect for making the most of the cozy autumn darkness. It’s a lot of cozy right now, you guys. ↠

Direct link in profile. ✌🏽

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No @chrisralee isn't that romantic (& nor would I want him to be) but hey C&K in the most northern point in Ireland, we'll take that ❤️
Decisions, decisions! Which one shall we choose....?
Another pic from the other day when we went pumpkin hunting.
Goodness me it’s cold this morning, brrrrr! I’m heading in to work to set up the restaurant and open up for a busy day, a serious amount of ☕️ is in order...
I realised that I’ve not been out & about wandering in an age, I miss it and I miss see Oxford in my feed, I need to get out for a walk on my days off... this snap is from Broad Street, home to the Weston Library & the Sheldonian. Broad Street is viewed by many as the heart of academic Oxford, but it is actually outside of the original inner city wall and actually used to be a deep ditch!
What are your plans for the weekend? I am off to my niece’s first birthday party tomorrow & then a leaving dinner in the evening for a couple of my team, both leaving for exciting adventures abroad.
Have a good one whatever you’re up to 😘 x
I’ve been enjoying the gentle and slow art of cross-stitch. This is my first project. I’ve wanted to try it for a while but felt a bit overwhelmed about how to get started. I purchased a kit by @aliciapaulson. It came with high quality Cashel linen and beautiful DMC floss. If you’ve ever thought about trying a new artistic expression or already love needlework, I would highly recommend this kit.
This is not a sponsored post- I just wanted to share something that I love with the hope that others may also find it enjoyable.
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