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User Image thebiggerpictur Posted: Feb 21, 2018 5:30 PM (UTC)

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Islam, major world religion promulgated by the Prophet Muhammad in Arabia in the 7th century CE. The Arabic term islām, literally “surrender,” illuminates the fundamental religious idea of Islam—that the believer (called a Muslim, from the active particle of islām) accepts surrender to the will of Allah (in Arabic, Allāh: God). Allah is viewed as the sole God—creator, sustainer, and restorer of the world. The will of Allah, to which human beings must submit, is made known through the sacred scriptures, the Qurʾān (often spelled Koran in English), which Allah revealed to his messenger, Muhammad.
There are five "Pillars of Islam" that Muslims follow:
- The Shahadah - A statement of faith all Muslims recite at least one time in their lives. - The Salat or Salah - A daily ritual prayer of faith done five times a day.
- Zakat - a tax paid to benefit the poor or those in need. - Sawm - a fast done during the month of Ramadan.
- Hajj - a pilgrimage every Muslim must do at least once in his/her life, if he or she can afford it, to the Holy city of Mecca, in modern-day Saudi Arabia.
Wasabi - A Sunni sect comprised of members of the Tameem tribe in Saudi Arabia, following the strict orthodox teachings of Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulawahab.

Shiite - Or Shia, the second-largest branch of Islam, believes only the caliph Ali and his descendants are the legitimate successors to Muhammad and reject the first three caliphs.

Alawite - Concentrated in Syria, a sect within the Shiite community that maintains similar but different core beliefs about the divinity of Ali and the seven pillars of the faith. They also observe some Christian and Zoroastrian holidays in addition to Islamic holidays.
User Image thebiggerpictur Posted: Feb 21, 2018 1:17 PM (UTC)
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On February 21, 1965, Malcolm was assassinated while delivering a lecture at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem; three members of the Nation of Islam were convicted of the murder. Malcolm X (1925–1965) was an African-American Muslim minister and human rights activist.
His father was killed when he was six and his mother was placed in a mental hospital when he was thirteen, after which he lived in a series of foster homes. In 1946, at age twenty, he went to prison for larceny and breaking and entering. While in prison, he became a member of the Nation of Islam (NOI), changing his birth name Malcolm Little to Malcolm X because, he later wrote, Little was the name that "the white slavemaster ... had imposed upon paternal forebears"
To his admirers he was a courageous advocate for the rights of blacks, a man who indicted white America in the harshest terms for its crimes against black Americans; detractors accused him of preaching racism and violence. He has been called one of the greatest and most influential African Americans in history.”
#elhajjmalikelshabazz #malcolmx
User Image thebiggerpictur Posted: Feb 22, 2018 1:41 AM (UTC)
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Huey P Newton
Born in born in Monroe, Louisiana February 17, 1942, Huey Newton attended the University of California, Santa Cruz and studied law attaining his Bachelor’s Degree and PhD. While Newton attended Merritt College in California, Newton and his comrade, Chairman Bobby Seale, organized the Black Panther Party for Self Defense in October 1966 with Huey as Minister of Defense. The BPP achieved national and international recognition through their active role in the Black Liberation Movement and in politics dealing with race relations of the 1960s and 1970s. The Party’s political agenda included better housing, better jobs, and proper education for all Black people, which was all documented in their Ten-Point Program. On August 22, 1989, co-founder of the Black Panther Party For Self Defense (BPP) Huey P. Newton was murdered. Newton was fatally shot on Center Street in the Lower Bottoms neighborhood of West Oakland by a 24-year-old Black Guerrilla Family member. His last words to his killer before being shot twice in the head were,  You can kill my body, and you can take my life, but you can never kill my soul. My soul will live forever!” #tbp
User Image 1_eternal_nature Posted: Feb 23, 2018 12:52 PM (UTC)

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“Self-Preservation is The First Law of Nature, Hunger is The First Discipline, Growth is The First Purpose. If You Can Control What You Eat, You Can Control Everything Else. Eat From The Garden Not The Grave, Eat For Your Temple Not Your Tomb, Eat For Growth Not Decay, Eat To Live Not To Die, Your First Purpose is To Be A Healthy Expression of Life. Love YourCells To Love Yourself.”- Amun Ra El

Knowledge of Self is Knowledge of The Cells That Assemble That Self. Self-Awareness is Cell-Awareness, Self-Mastery is Cell-Mastery, Self-Transformation is Cell-Transformation, Self-Love is Cell-Love. To Understand The Self is To Understand The Cells That Make That Self. It’s Not Awareness, Its Not Understanding, It’s Not Love, If It Causes Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Stress, Suffering & Pain. You Are Self-Grown Meaning You Are Cell-Grown, Love YourCells To Love Yourself, Your First Purpose is To Be A Healthy Expression of Life. I Bring Truth🙏🏿☀️🙏🏿
Keep Growing Daily, Study YourCells To Study YourSelf, Keep Raising Your Health & Vitality, Never Give Up on Being A Healthier Human Being 💯
“Feed The Body Life. The Body is A Temple of Awakening For The Living, Not A Parasitic Tomb of Death. If You Want To Be Healthy & Smell Like A Garden, Then Stop Eating Death From The Graveyard." - Amun Ra El
🍇Fruits 4 Electrifying 🌿 Herbs 4 Healing 🍄 Vegetables 4 Grounding🌲Nuts & Seeds 4 Building 🌍
Invest into Your-Cells To Invest Into YourSelf!!!
Parasite Cleanse/Fruit Fast Routine Followed By A Six Week Strict Nutritional Guidelines By Amun Ra El - Regenerate, Rebuild, Restore Your True Health & Wellness - Send Energy of Appreciation & Inbox If Interested In Loving Yourself Completely
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User Image thetropicalmystic Posted: Feb 23, 2018 12:48 PM (UTC)
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Feminists can love men too.
They're called powerful women.
A powerful woman eats with beasts, and convinces them they're gods.
​There is a creature, inviting you.
Pull out your seat, join her for dinner.
She will change forms in the space of minutes,
from newborn deer to eagle.
These are called emotions, this will overwhelm you.
Stay calm.
She will hear lies when you have said nothing at all,
This is called intuition- don’t fuck with it.
She will make demands of you,
And then feed you honeycomb when you meet them,
Let her.
She will look into you like a crystal ball,
She will say ‘ahhhhhhhh, I see what you are’.
She will say you are a god, and you won’t believe her.
You will argue, she knows.
Your claws will splinter her table,
as you raise your hackles and throw your fists.
She can see you are a beast,
she is not an idiot.
But she will not tolerate your shit.
She becomes a mirror, ‘look at me’ she screams.
And there you see, not a beast like you thought.
But a god with sleep in his eyes.
She smiles, 'good morning king’.
User Image debraapsara Posted: Feb 23, 2018 12:52 PM (UTC)

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Amazing miracle of a businessman in India after being with Sri Bhagavan 🙏🙏🙏🐎🐎🐎🐎💕💕💕💕#sribhagavan #oneness #awakening #enlightenment #debraapsara
User Image unitycocreators Posted: Feb 23, 2018 12:52 PM (UTC)

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Woooow women.. it's beutiful isn't it? Just wanted to share this with you, when today I have connected to Andromeda, my 5D home.. I see there are still clearings around Divine Feminine archetypes (light, dark - previous article about solar and lunar feminine, Lilith etc.), also around Tripple Goddess formation, restoring Divine Feminine blueprints and powers of each archetype also, relationships between feminine & masculine (also light&dark) and it's history - unveiling truth about major historical events and why abundance here "finished" like this etc. Especially Daughter codes, which I feel is daughter of Jesus Sarah, are helping us with all these decodings of light and dark, balancing polarities Macs. Fem. within, restoring original blueprints = dna, personal and planetary grids, creating huge with Unitary ELEMENTS and elementals, re-enscription of the same distorted ones, elevating dark matter and bringing us here Double Diamond Sun body. She is turquoise and blue and also emerald ray as she was Oraphim here in this Uni. I love her and working with here as she said since always :) So that's it! Hope you can feel and enjoy! Big hugs to all daughter Sophias and who like to enjoy!! 💙🌱☉ #sarahdaughterofjesus #sarahijadejesus #mothergod #madredivina #femininodivino #divinefeminine #divinemasculine #unity #unitconscioisness #sacredtrinity #sophia #mothersophia #daughtersophia #divinesophia #andromeda #ascension #awakening #god #oneness #newearth #newparadigm #5d
User Image officialr2kmuzik Posted: Feb 23, 2018 12:52 PM (UTC)

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Indoctrination is the greatest tool they have always used on all of us, but we all have the ability and power within to break free from those lies and conditioning of the mind and to not allow it to confuse and disrupt the growth an evolvement of our future children's mind's. Never be afraid of what anyone thinks when speaking the truth! - Remi ✌🏽n 🖤
(Had to repost due to a lil mistake in understanding the whole context of what I just posted) .

User Image spellinglmno Posted: Feb 21, 2018 11:17 PM (UTC)

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Allow yourself the uncomfortable luxury of changing your mind. Sometimes it can be disorienting to admit that it’s happened, but know it is your right. In fact, it is totally ok that you changed your mind! No matter what or how or how big or small or catastrophically bad it may seem — it will work itself out. Let yourself let it go
User Image mysticheart333 Posted: Feb 18, 2018 4:04 PM (UTC)

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