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Of course the big event: touring the tea plantation and seeing the fields. They had several main ones, one of them providing tea leaves for Bigelow tea. Apparently the tea bushes can grow to an enormous size if left unattended. Also assuming the weather is good too for growth.🍃☕️
User Image cdcassoncreates Posted: Nov 20, 2017 6:28 PM (UTC)
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Now you get to wake up staring at this giant beast of machinery! The Green Giant if I recall that sits on the @charleston_tea plantation. If I recall correctly, this is the world’s only tea harvesting machine. I know, right?! This one machine can replace 500 workers. Tea harvesting is apparently THAT labor intensive. It is certainly a beast of machinery and a marvel to look at up close! Got to love tech. 😍📸
A sign they have out front showing how far different tea plantations around the world are to this particular one, specifically to emphasize on how they are the only tea plantation in America. I would have thought there would be more tea plantations than that. Who knew? How many tea plantations did you believe there were in America before reading this post?☕️🤔
User Image cdcassoncreates Posted: Nov 19, 2017 6:02 PM (UTC)
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Certainly a lot of floral and fauna around the property. This cold weather already has me missing the south, though I believe I will have the reverse happens for the summers down there. Humid hot weather and I do not mix well. Good thing there are free samples of iced tea.😅☕️🌞 There were a number of things I could have taken photos of at that location. Will show that today that doesn’t consist of tea fields. 📸☕️🍃
A little behind schedule so back to work on my first attempt at doing portrait photography solo. This was at my aunt’s birthday party and thought why not bring the camera. Glad I did, because this was a new test for my in exploring and improving my photography skills. Starting off with portraits is a little difficult for me, but can see it where I could eventually add it to my list of photography services I can provide in the near future. Always good to try something new, even if you are fearful of messing up. Everybody was a beginner at some point. 📸👍
What is out front? The trolly that gave a tour of the tea plantation grounds and some history behind the place, which goes far back. Also learned that this was the only tea plantation in North America. The only time I have ever thought about where my tea came from was when I ordered sencha green tea online. Was interested enough to take that tour later in the day to learn more.
User Image simonz_snapz Posted: Nov 18, 2017 12:45 PM (UTC)
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Setting up before the chaos this evening.
But before that: a rugby match and setting up my camera stuff has to be done.
#blacktie #charityball #quinsrugbyclub #photographer #autisticphotographer #rugbymatch
As for the kids and families, they can pose in front of this tea-carrying frog for taking their own photos and selfies. Makes me thirsty for some tea.😋☕️
User Image cdcassoncreates Posted: Nov 17, 2017 7:18 PM (UTC)
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On two of the posts of the porch area were two chalkboards where tourists can write down where they came from. Was rather surprised with some of the places, even outside the U.S. stopped by here. Of course I have signed where I am from. Which location do you think it is? Is it even on this post in the photo or the other one (there are two chalkboards)? Take a guess. 😜🚙
The porch area in its entirety. The front of the tea plantation’s gift shop actually. Plenty of seats and a spot where people can pose for their own photos, but that is for another day.☕️🍃
First immediate thing I find exiting the parking lot is that classic expansive front porch, with many seats and rocking chairs for relief from the sun’s rays. It certainly keeps that easy going vibe that the South is known for. I easily could see myself sitting here all day drinking a nice iced green tea and look out into the tea fields in front of me. Very relaxing atmosphere here in comparison to other places I have visited. 😊☕️☯️
Well take a quick guess where I went after a quick tour of Downtown Charleston? 😜☕️ I recall my uncle discussing about this place and how I should include it in my travel plans. I like green tea so of course I went! 🚙 Even though I was nervous at first with driving myself off solo, but I did it before. It’s just first time nerves. It was only a 30 minute drive south of Charleston past a lot of moss-filled trees. Left my car windows open to have that fresh breeze brush against my face as I past one church after another. Little wonder the Charleston area is such a wedding hotspot with these locations. It was a nice break from the cold as well. But now I was dealing with humid heat and hoped they had iced tea to cool myself off. They did not disappoint! 😍☕️
Seems like the perfect picture to end displaying this location. @rondelhaye and I were about to drive out of the area and head towards Charleston when he pointed out a parking spot with a wonderful view, looking towards the Carolinas I assumed at the time. That golden sun was beginning to set and made the autumn trees glow. It was an amazing end of one trip and the beginning of another adventure. One that I have been planning for months. It was the first learning step of being an autistic event and travel photographer and a digital nomad. I went in with an open mind and knew I was going to end up adapting a lot instead of going by a strict schedule. Ended up correct in that regard. Still, it was such a positive and memorable experience for me. 😊☯️🌎(camera: Sony a6000)
Reading and meditation has me felt at ease today. Things will get done eventually. Despite obstacles, water keeps on flowing in whichever direction gravity and the earth takes it. Simply going with the flow and not stress at that rock that is blocking the path you think you have no choice but to take...did I mention I am feeling philosophical today? 😅🍃☯️
Funny how I am posting this photo when there is a downpour occurring outside at home. 😅 🌧 Had just finished watching a short live stream on a topic of where we will be in 50 years. I feel there will be more people working at home or becoming digital nomads depending on their profession. We are already seeing this occurring. People creating and earning a living through blogs/vlogs and even creating their own products while managing their stores online. Even people that decide to live in tiny homes that they drag around like a trailer. Even some that convert sprinter vans or busses into mobile homes or even a literal mobile business. I really do see myself becoming a digital nomad, especially with that dream of being a travel photographer. To see the world and experience it while I am still on this earth. Sharing my travels through blogs/vlogs. I still have a long way to go, but every adventure starts with that first step full of lessons to be learned. And there will be plenty more to come as I move forward.🌎🚙

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