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With the marshes next door it was of little surprise that I came across a bridge to cross. Just as fitting with the atmosphere of the area, the waters were at a calm standstill and could see reflections on the surface. A time to be tranquil with the natural surroundings. A sense of beauty for those who stop to take a look around. Ended up taking a couple of photos of this spot alone. 😊📸
Seeing this gazebo made me wonder if any wedding ceremonies have taken place here, or even proposals. It was such a quiet and secluded spot in this maze of a garden. Rather peaceful. At times during this I have been switching between being stressed out and achieving inner peace. Bit of a maelstrom. But I guess that is part of life. Stress will always come in some form, but the same can be said about peace. Even if it seems too small and insignificant according to our minds.☯️
Palm! Palms everywhere! Just another oddity for someone that lived with viewing pine and oak. I do enjoy a warm climate, as long as it doesn’t turn hot and humid. Feels like I am being very picky, but maybe this is simply another aspect of my Aspergers. My senses can be rather sensitive at times. Then again, this can possibly help in terms of me sitting back and simply be more in tune with nature and absorb the atmosphere better. Whether that atmosphere be a positive or negative experience. For better and for worse. ☯️
Yesterday: depressed and stressed. Today: feels light and no weight on my shoulders. The latter is what I have felt throughout most of this Charleston trip. No pressure. No problems. Just me and the silence. Or at least as much as I am able to get at times. Simply means that I should treasure ever minute and second of it when that silence does occur. One regret yet also a lesson to take is not recording enough videos and making vlogs about these trips and my own personal thoughts and experiences at these different locations. Something I want to rectify in the coming months. The only thing I need to worry about now is getting all the things I need to do in January done so that I can do everything else I want to do. HUSTLE! 😵💻📸
This image was going to be apart of a project on street portraits where I either took a portrait of a person in the street or an environment they are in
This image was a guy in the Happy Apple at totnes I like this guys face his wrinkles and his lines if I could change anything about it I’d have loved more light on his but this wasn’t possible as the location was dark and I didn’t have a flash.

This image was taken on a black & white film on an Olympus OM10. @olympusuk @olympuscamera
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Never been use to seeing all this moss in trees before. Not a part of typical environments I grew up with. A contrast that makes any trip interesting when viewed. How varied locations can be, even within the same region. It makes me curious on what differences of other locations I visit throughout life I will capture with my camera...📸🤔
The way the sun peeked through the clouds and tree cover made the place feel very special indeed. The gardens filled with winding paths leading to one surprise after another. The air and the atmosphere felt rather light while feeling more at ease. Wonder if that is what this gentleman felt walking around the area...🤔
Plenty of flower variety as well, and this is just one small part of the property. 💐 Mostly contained behind the cabin and a ringed path with everything in their individual pots for display. If one loves flowers and plants, Magnolia Plantation is certainly a place to visit whenever you visit the Charleston area. Took plenty of nature shots here while soaking in that laid back atmosphere! 😄📸
User Image cdcassoncreates Posted: Jan 16, 2018 7:37 PM (UTC)
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...said cabin essentially had two rooms with a fireplace. Its purpose today? Lots of potted flowers and plants on display inside and in the back. Like a small hint of what I will see once I’ve entered the plantation grounds. I was already looking forward to what photo opportunities I would find...😊📸
Actually there is one more location to show before what I did on my final day in the Charleston area: Magnolia Plantation. This place has been suggested to me numerous times, especially to come during the spring when the flowers are in full bloom. Someday I will come around that time, but for this trip I came in the fall. Numerous signs all around showing the deep history of this place, the cabin being the first sight I see...📸
There is and, imo, always a place for black and white photography. Sometimes it gives it much more of a dramatic edge or feeling than flooding it with color, depending on what you are artistically aiming for. Another great photo from @colbeelynnphotography of my trip. I plan on revamping my travel blog in a new format in order to show more information on a special travel destination that I believe everyone should visit on their own life journeys. I am doing this while I can still move around. Lots of work to be done before the end of the month! 😅📆
Feels like this is a mere sample of what it was like being there. Such beauty! It is difficult to not admire the view. Just looking at this photo is making that travel bug come back in full force. Cause I’m the wanderer. Yeah the wanderer. I roam around, around, around... 🚙😜
User Image mollyxphotography7 Posted: Jan 15, 2018 8:44 PM (UTC)
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so yesterday it was my birthday, it was a great day in bournemouth. being 16 feels like i’m starting to become an adult! 🎉🎉😉
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The sunset was so beautiful that evening. What was a mix of golden rays and the oncoming blue night turned into a vibrant sea of colors in the sky. Even a surfer would have to stop briefly just to admire nature’s beauty. Each time I look at this photo I get a warm feeling of being at ease, yet it also makes me wish I was there again due to nostalgia. I really did feel such a connection to the ocean, but thinking back I also felt that way being on those misty peaks of the Smoky Mountains. Maybe it is simply a connection with nature in general that makes me feel so much more alive than I have felt in a long time. I look forward to a time where I return here again.☯️🌊

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