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:: Mars enters Libra ::
While not his favorite place to be, Mars in Libra can offer a climate for invaluable lessons in partnering. Mars is sheer energy, in Libra we must learn to consider the other party involved before taking action, it’s not just about us anymore. Finding the balance between I and we, knowing when to ask for help, and when to offer assistance in return. Learning to ease your grip - allow someone else take the reins. Learning to collaborate. It is not weak to show vulnerability. 💛 (📷: Magda Dudziak)

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#CurrentPlanets #Venus in Libra Saturn in sag ..... do you know the house placement of your personal planets and what lessons the universe has in store for you? DM me if your interested in a detailed #natalchart reading. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨for me...Venus is in Gemini in my 9th house which gives me understanding of how I express myself socially, romantically and artistically though my LOVE of intellectual interests, #philosophy, religion, study abroad, traveling for pleasure and art. It gives me a very idealistic and easy going view of love and life. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Saturn in virgo in my 12th House shows me that I have an area of responsibility to the world relating in some way to work for the care or education of others - could be in social work, hospitals, prisons, universities, religion or the arts, in my case #ASTROLOGY, and creative work. Saturn’s placement could influence me to be reserved and inclined to solitude, with a desire to work unpretentiously, unobserved, and live peacefully or alone. With this placing of Saturn I’ve also experienced negative inner pressures related to subconscious insecurity, secret sorrows, fear, loneliness and disappointment. I’ve been able to examine my shadows to bring me to the light. #selfwisdom is magical when used properly
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what did you get?
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what did you get?
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ASTRO// Mars enters the Venus ruled sign of Libra today. Now technically Mars is in its detriment in Libra -Venus and Mars, though they are bonded by the responsibility for all of our passions and desires, are considered to be 'out of sorts' in each others signs of rulership. This means they function in a very different way than usual here and we need to take care while working with the energy they create.
Mars is naturally very assertive or aggressive, he has all the qualities of a warrior, which come in handy in many parts of life, giving us the drive and desire to conquer challenges we face. While that energy sounds to be out of place in the harmonious sign of Libra where everyone gets along with everyone else, consider what can be done with it here. Loving and relating to other people can be complicated endeavors requiring much courage and a strong desire to pursue and win over, and these are functions of Mars. It really sort of depends on how you utilize and express the energy. There is also the option to be combative with anyone who gets close to you, if that's your thing.
In the course of this transit Mars will aspect Pluto (square) and Uranus (oppose). As we've already been through a few aspects to this pair we have a little practice at the intensity they bring but I dare say when Mars reaches them it's really going to knock our socks off...
Sun moves today too, tonight actually, into Scorpio. It's phoenixing season. Time to burn it all down, resurrection tbd. 🔥 Regram @mr.babies #mars #libra #sun #scorpio #astro #astrology #astrologyposts

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