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Yesterday's find while out and about with my outdoor education class! There must be some large friends still out searching for those berries we could see poking through the snow!
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🌬On an early morning this past summer, a group of youth and I awoke to a somewhat eerie scene. It felt like something out of a horror movie...
It became nearly impossible to use the sun to help navigate or tell time, which was a particular nuisance that day since we were going to be hiking off-trail, following compass bearings through dense Gambier Island old-growth to get to our destination. We initially thought the sky was filled with dense fog. Then, as we ascended out of a valley, we caught the scent of wood smoke. 🔥
I told the teens that winds must have carried the smoke hundreds of kilometers from massive forest fires in BC and Washington. Then without prompting, the group instantly became silent, motionless, gazing solemnly at the wild life that surrounded us. It was as though it was in their nature to give a moment for silence for the loss of life that the smoke had signaled to us that morning. I think it was an especially powerful realization for them considering the entirely natural environment in which we found ourselves; what had seemed so strong and resilient in days previous was now being looked upon as incredibly precious and delicate - something to treasure and protect. ⛅️
As the sun rose the smoke grew thicker, and luckily the rising temperatures were abated throughout the rest of the afternoon and following days. Those numerous forest fires from across the northwest - all tragedies in their own way - ended up saving our crew from what was expected to a 35+C degree 'heat wave' during that particular week in August. By the time we reached our destination at Gambier Lake at the end of that day, our feelings of sadness had transformed into celebrations of life for nature and our evolving connection to it. Our feelings of grief transcended to feelings of gratitude. In the shade of the smoke, we felt hope for our future. 🌻
Nature tends to give us a new perspective on life and death; the distinction between this perceived dichotomy tends to blur in nature, where the death and decay of one species may provide exactly what another needs to thrive.
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Because procrastination is best done at a conference tucked away in the woods (if you haven't noticed, procrastination is my theme for this semester 😬) #outdooreducation #askyourteachertotakeyououtside
this week at camp: it rained and poured, on tuesday i took my kids out to the lake and told them something special was along our walk and they had to find it.. there wasn't actually anything but i wanted to see what they could come up with, some said different animals, some saw shiney garbage and thought it was that.. another said nature. Kids will find beauty in the smallest things, and also the largest. kids falling in love with nature is why i do what i do, kids building complicated log cabins for worms is why i love camp. My bones are tired, there are bags under my eyes and my heart is full.
some days are so special. today I accepted a position in the school district that shaped my love and passion for education and learning. I am officially a real and employed teacher. I would never have made it here without the unwavering support of the many wonderful people in my life. Thank you to everyone who was a part of this last year. I am SO lucky. 🍎📚😁