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You are what you eat, Ummm okay bet! Just kidding that s messed up>.< or is it!?! #asianprobs
my eyes are so cuteee but my eyelashes are so short 😂 #asianprobs
Living on the other side of the States, you tend to miss your mom. Glad I got to spend time with her, even if it was just for a little bit. Can't wait to visit NC again this Christmas. #yesthatsmymom #short #asianprobs
When you finally find an asian grocery store so babe shows you how to make a Vietnamese tofu dish. Also dumplings because snacking during prep is a must. #asianprobs #tofu #culinarystudent
Mami sa at Yoonita va for svart, så redigerte trynet mitt kvitere 🙃🙃 #asianProbs
soooo one of my eyes is more asian than the other 🐠🐟🐡🐬🐳🦈
Weena dates are my fave!! 😍👯
Also pls ignore how chinky i really look 👲🏻 #AsianProbs
Shit I didn’t realize that I was holding my chopsticks upside down until near the end of my meal. I was wondering why picking up food was so difficult. 😂 I’m an Asian failure and have brought shame on my family. #asianfail #chinese #chopsticks #asianprobs #jenniferconnelly #labyrinth
Ex files: Insulting sisters and then expecting me to be okay with it?
I even felt bad for objecting or having a voice because I was rarely given compliments.
It's like saying I'm the best out of turds.
Shamefully, I thought nothing compares to Caucasian girls. NEVER ACCEPT THIS!
No clue what my hands doing in this pic💁🏻
and I promise my eyes aren't shut in the 2nd🙃#asianprobs 📸: @andxrea.x