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...and a minute later, he was laughing 👶
This is my edit of a photo taken by my dear friend @rashiq. Follow your heart and it'll take you into the clouds! @rashiq has a fantastic feed, head over there and show him some IG love . 🎶On top of the world like a flag on a mountain
Feeling so high you can feel so alone
Unable to breathe at the height that you flew
Staring on clouds with no view of below🎶
3-2-1....blast off!! Riding the terminal subway at Denver International Airport
My old stomping grounds-the nyer had 4 floors of student housing
G'day Igers! 😄 I was taking these photos of this bird in the surf with the sunrise just now and the Surf Lifesaving Helicopter flew by! Taken with my 4S at 6am. Sunday morning surf here at Northcliffe , Gold Coast. There's a 2ft ESE swell. There are some good sets amongst it here just south of Surfers Paradise. Water temp is 25.5°C Air temp atm 22°C heading to a perfect 29°C today! 👊👊