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Happy Birthday Matematikaa!! 🎉🎂 trimakasih untuk pengalaman yang luar biasa bisa nge-mc bareng @agungalfias 👀 trimakasi juga buat @iprium yang banyak memberikan ilmu tentang retorikaa 😊 #artlympics #artlympic2016
cwmoss 160w ago
✨ Send your prayers to @beyonce, patron saint of the @artlympics
cwmoss 161w ago
I've been thinking a lot about what the next #Artlympics should be. Moments like this are the inspiration. Just two ladies doing their thing at the San Francisco Museum of Art, before the word Modern was tossed in. And it was taken in 1963 by #HerbertSlodounik. It's perfect. (cc: @sfmoma)
The @ParrishArt Museum is hosting an #Artlympics training day at this very moment. Go!