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For 4.5 years, I knew this label to open audio lockers. Now it opens the garbage room... though sometimes the former was treated as the latter. #shiplife #landlife #thereitsblackandwhite #areyouhappynow #rulebreaker
I wanted to draw something disturbing since it's Friday the 13th. It's 1) a mouse 2) an albino 3) a baby fur #mouse #areyouhappynow #ok
My granny told me to stop taking pictures in my bra, but that’s kind of hard to do when I never wear clothes, so I comprised & covered my boobs🤷🏽‍♀️😅 #loveyougranny😂 #areyouhappynow ?
@lauritz_nas Bueno... sabes que no soy bueno escribiendo esos testamentos que tanto te gustan así que no voy a tratar. Solo te voy a decir feliz cumpleaños amiga a distancia, gracias por escucharme, soportarme y entenderme donde tantos otros fallan. #areyouhappynow
#areyouhappynow?#disagioesistenziale #❤️
"Me lo ripeto in testa
Giusto per non dormire
Resta sveglio perché il
Meglio deve ancora svanire
Per poi sognare un altro modo per potersi rialzare come la
Pioggia che cade senza
Farsi del male da dove siete
Usciti li c è una voce incerta
Non lo so ma siamo entrati da
Una ferita aperta "
Tfw you procrastinate all of your homework and do it the hour before its due. That's what your face looks like. #meme #areyouhappynow #school

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