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User Image apartment_34 Posted: Nov 11, 2017 11:56 PM (UTC)

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User Image selina.s.lee Posted: Nov 10, 2017 11:02 PM (UTC)

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Cooked up a storm and created more beauty with @apartment_34 & crew today. This spreadable cheese plate got me all in the moooood. ✨
User Image selina.s.lee Posted: Aug 18, 2017 11:58 PM (UTC)

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I'm not quite ready to let summer go but am excited for new season and all the delicious dishes I'll be inspired to make. I've been busy all summer coming up with ideas to entertain; hopefully with a minimalistic style and efforts! Kimchi quail egg toast for breakfast, Exotic mushroom yaki udon for lunch then watermelon soju cocktail with 3 amuse bouche for happy hour! You can find all 6 recipes over at @apartment_34 now under 'Entertaining'. Have a yummy weekend! ✨ #apt34eats
User Image apartment_34 Posted: Aug 18, 2017 1:59 AM (UTC)
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Since I have no idea what I'm making for dinner, gonna sit here and wish this meal would magically appear! #apt34insf #apt34eats
User Image apartment_34 Posted: Aug 16, 2017 12:00 AM (UTC)

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Now, more than ever, it's imperative to embrace something and someone who is different from you. I feel privileged to have been invited by my friend @selina.s.lee to step into her world of Korean cooking & to learn from her delicious expertise. If you want to impress at your next party, you've got to check out the amuse bouche recipes we have on Apt 34 today. 🙌🏻 #apt34eats #tastytuesday
User Image selina.s.lee Posted: Aug 15, 2017 11:43 PM (UTC)

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I got together with Erin @apartment_34 recently to whip up 3 summer amuses that goes well with watermelon soju cocktail. What better person than someone who knows how to entertain with minimalistic efforts and style. Read the full story (& recipe) on her blog today and plan your next gathering with your friends! What a great way to end summer! ✨ 📼: @parkmsarah
User Image apartment_34 Posted: Jul 24, 2017 3:29 PM (UTC)

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With peak 🍑 season upon us, I'm eating all things peach all day erry-day right now, including these dried peach granola parfaits by my dear friend @maiamsmith! 😋 Tap my bio link for the complete recipe. 🙌🏻 #peachplease #apt34eats #fromthearchives
User Image apartment_34 Posted: Jul 17, 2017 4:24 PM (UTC)

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Monday morning breakfast inspo. Much better then the ☕️ I'm currently running on. 😬 #fromtheapt34archives #apt34eats
User Image apartment_34 Posted: Jun 8, 2017 3:56 AM (UTC)
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When the famed Bar Tartine closed I thought I would never get to enjoy those amazing flavors again. But then @eatduna was born & the goodness is back. 🙌🏻 If you're in #SF you're going to want to give @eatduna a try! #apt34insf #apt34eats
User Image selina.s.lee Posted: Jun 1, 2017 11:58 PM (UTC)

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#QuietHourCooking | Exotic Mushroom Yaki Udon - Full Recipe on @apartment_34
User Image apartment_34 Posted: May 31, 2017 12:48 AM (UTC)

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Undo all your long weekend sins with this amazing Mushroom Yaki Udon recipe. @selina.s.lee has convinced me I never need to go out for soup again. 🙌🏻 Deets on da blog right now #apt34eats #linkinbio
User Image apartment_34 Posted: May 28, 2017 8:53 PM (UTC)

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Mantra: this weekend,🍦has no calories. 🙌🏻🍓😍 #darlingweekend #sundayfunday #apt34eats
When you're privileged to break bread with a long-admired maven of the food scene and you end up 👯 - hello stripes & gold jewelry! If, like me, you're food obsessed, you're gonna love the new @havenskitchen cookbook & not just because its author Alison Cayne has great style. But that's a bonus. Deets on da blog today 😋 | 📷 @_andreaposadas_ #apt34eats #feedfeed #f52grams
User Image apartment_34 Posted: May 12, 2017 8:47 PM (UTC)

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Who else is ready to rosé their way into the weekend?! 🙋🏼🍷 #tgif #apt34eats #flashesofdelight
User Image apartment_34 Posted: Apr 29, 2017 8:19 PM (UTC)
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Beautiful brunchin' at @medianochesf this morning. If you have a craving for crazy good cubanos you must go! You can get up close and personal with one in my insta story right now 🍳🥓🍞🐖😋#apt34insf #apt34eats
User Image apartment_34 Posted: Apr 24, 2017 9:11 PM (UTC)
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Lunch goalz. 🙌🏻 ie much better then the spoonful of almond butter I'm pounding right now. #apt34eats
User Image apartment_34 Posted: Nov 16, 2016 4:15 AM (UTC)
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Throwing down my cheese board skills just in time for the holidays. Who needs🍗 anyway! | 📷 @delbarrmoradi | #friendsgiving #apt34eats #linkinbio
Over the weekend I had the chance to attend the @britandco Remake conference. One of my favorite sessions talked about mindfulness. It defined it as placing your attention in the current moment with curiosity and kindness. We all know the present moment stuff but I think focusing on curiosity and kindness is a game changer. This week, I would like to be both curious and kind in all that I do. How about you? #mondaymotivation #remake2016 #apt34eats
User Image apartment_34 Posted: Sep 30, 2016 11:45 PM (UTC)

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