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User Image sportspice Posted: Jan 20, 2018 8:02 AM (UTC)
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Have a great start in your saturday-#enjoy that minute of breakfast. No matter what you are going to do afterwards, try to enjoy everything and make the most of every moment. A friend of mine once told me, that we even have to enjoy working on a sunday, cause it is the warranty for a better future. Well, true words. :) So whatever comes today - #appreciateit ! I am going to work today, myself - and I just can't wait for the moment in future, when I will just wake up early on a saturday , if there is some #breakfast to prepare for my beloved. 😊✨And the huger your goal is - the more work needs to be done, right? #letsgo , get there! :) And if you need some nice fuel for your fire - try Wie er’s #cafe Beiserl, Ismaningerstr.71A!:) 🍳🥞☕️☕️☺️enjoy👌🏼👌🏼 #instasport #foodlover #food f#healthyfood #fitfood #breakfast #sunday #sportlife #fitlife #nutrition #salmon #bagel #eggs #protein #nutritionist #mindset #goals #bodygoals #sportspiceschoice
User Image universityofchanginglives Posted: Jan 20, 2018 4:51 AM (UTC)

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Remember once u lose it 🥊u will never have it back🤞so #liveit #enjoyit #learnit #appreciateit & #loveit
6days to go🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊(6)
User Image aziantiyusoff Posted: Jan 20, 2018 3:04 AM (UTC)

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Assalamualaikum world...n have a greatest day today.... Choose the best for your happily...appreciate what u have...let the past be the best experience or memory. Keep move on...n never look back.

Keep smiling n stay in peace.....:-) #lovemylife❤
User Image emilychowe Posted: Jan 20, 2018 2:10 AM (UTC)

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STINGY AF! I say this again & again who you invest your time in has to be a priority on your list! That’s why number 1, you invest in yourself first and then you can share the goodness with those who are willing to share it back. Protect yourself and share your time with those who will contribute to your growth! @melaniefiona throwing some salt on those wounds you haven’t closed yet! ✨💛
I was stuck in the office so @VeganFoodShare hooked me up with some 🌮 @thevegantaqueria X @veganbyvictorias munchies from the @felipeesparzacomedian 🇲🇽 meet and greet at @primerataza ☕️. I have my ticket for March 23, get yours before it sells out! Literally licked the cheese 🧀 off the plate and dipped the bread in horchata! 🤤 #Danky #AppreciateIt #RealFriendsBringFood. 🌱 #aVeganAndHer
User Image enchantefranklin Posted: Jan 19, 2018 11:54 PM (UTC)

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#comehometoyourlife #loveonyourself #loveyourbody #makelovetoyourbody #appreciateit
There is a link between sexual confidence and knowing your body. We have been groomed to believe that sex is a dirty word or a nasty word. So we raise our kids to believe such. I had to go back to the state of being a young girl, finding confidence in my body parts and owning all of them again. Learning that loving sex was not dirty, loving sex was not a nasty act. It is a natural and nurturing act. As I am continuing my work, I am falling deeper in love with myself. My body. My mind. Mmmmmm, my sweet loving spirit. Able to touch myself, look at myself and really smile with pride. For myself. In my wholeness. I can look down at my body again, I can honor my womb again. I smile for new life and understanding. I feel whole again. I give myself permission to come home and make sweet love to me. I give myself permission to breathe again. My body is non-threatening to me. My body is sacred. My body is connected to earth. My body is a temple for me. My body is a temple of peace and serenity. In my body I am free. Outside of my body I am able to find home. #lovingyourselfinwholeness
User Image imcassiesxy Posted: Jan 19, 2018 1:49 PM (UTC)

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& we are the 14th EXCO from SMU BROADCAST & ENTERTAINMENT!!! all the best my bbgirl & bbboy 🙆🏻 Thangz Zoey for making me feel tall. THANK YOU PRABHZ FOR BEING MY BEST DIRECTOR. #appreciateit #pjcsigningoff #hellojz #smube #exconeverends
User Image m_j_sallis Posted: Jan 19, 2018 10:07 AM (UTC)

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Left pic: Roughly a month post tattoo - The day before my life changed forever
Right pics: The day I wrote my own death wish literally on my body! 😅
I began uni like any normal, excited student would - drinking, partying, doing last minute work and getting average grades, eating cheap food and not looking after my body. I Wake up one Jan morning still half pissed and decide to roll on down to the local tattoo parlour and “get some ink”. 🙄 This whole time not a second thought given about the cheap, harmful things I’d been doing to my body since uni started.
A month goes by, more average grades and below average efforts upon my health.
During the evenings I started to get severe headaches until I decide to take the 5hr drive home one evening barely being able to see properly 🤯
Get home late, straight to bed. I wake up next morning feeling like the whole left side of my body was paralysed, no pain at this point but I literally could not move out of bed. Shouted for my sister, before I knew it I was admitted to hospital. Headaches start again, unbearable pain sets in and before I know it a lumbar puncture, 7 canular’s in my neck and a tube down my throat....I wake up nearly two weeks later, my whole family sitting around me looking at me as if I’d been brought back to life.
I’d been diagnosed with Septicaemia and Pneumonia.
I spend another two months in hospital until my lung was eventually operated on - Proposed key hole surgery developing into emergency Cardio Thoracic surgery due to my lung collapsing. I wake up again feeling like I’d been hit by a bus. I left the hospital a week later 8.5 stone in weight.
From then on I never take a second thought about ‘investing’ into my health/mind, and I always take a second thought at ‘spending’ on the things that could be harmful. No matter cost, effort or desire.
#saswhodareswins #health #mind #granted #life #ownit #workforit #appreciateit #septicaemia #pneumonia

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