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ugh. I wish I had a real camera now. thanks to all who joined me in the desert to check out the meteor shower and some 4x4 adventuring. it was the first for a lot of people so I hope no one was out of their comfort level. #kinodtigerstyle #overland #anzaborrego
🐐 Goat Canyon Trestle, CA

One of the most insane hikes I have ever done. Attempted this hike before, but we got lost in the wilderness (also almost died) and didn’t make it. Finally, two years later, we tried again and were able to make it to the largest freestanding trestle left in the world

Climbed rocks, scrambled down cliffs, ran out of water, found out I’m really afraid of heights but dealt with it and crossed a 1,000 ft sketchy trestle, camped out in the backcountry, stargazed, and got to witness a meteor shower

Great times with great people in the great outdoors — nothing better 🎢🏜🌌💫📻⛺️🌵

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