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He loved me despite all my flaws - something I never thought was possible.
Being anxious doesn’t take away from the fact you’re awesome! Or the fact you’re worthy! Or the fact you’re enough, right now, exactly as you are! 💖 There are only 7 (my fav number) totes left in my shop for anyone who’s been waiting for them. They come with stickers and a helpful handmade tag ☺️ Link is in my bio, just click shop 💕 I hope you’re doing ok, sweet soul? I’ve been well, facing fears and taking some steps forward in certain areas but also having some struggles and feeling stuck in others (eg physical health/my body) and that’s ok.. it’s all a never ending process! It’s New Moon 🌑 I’m going to be doing my vision board today and setting my intentions for the month, I’m feeling big death and rebirth vibes, old patterns, behaviours, relationships, experiences coming to an end ready to start fresh! I’m excited for it!! 🌈 Also for anyone who doesn’t know, this is Justin! My husband and absolute favourite human on the planet. He’s taught me so much in our time together, recently, that there’s many different ways to carry a bag 🙊😍💖 I hope you have a wonderful day/night, take care of your incredible self 💜💜💜
Last night after having the motivation to go to the gym and workout (which doesn't happen often) I drove to the gym. Before parking I noticed all the girls walking in who I was intimidated by and all the guys who I knew I would feel insecure working out in front of. I circled the gym twice before finally driving home . It's time like these I'm reminded of my anxiety and that everyday my choices are influenced by anxiety. I realise how much anxiety effects my life for example I didn't workout which made me feel useless and lazy which made me a little more depressed😔
So much anxiety lately. So many panic attacks and anxious moments lately but day by day it'll get better #anxiety #anxietyquotes #quotes
"Set the Alarm"
Mental health awareness is important for so many reasons. A person who isn't properly medicated, affects everyone around them. I almost didn't share this piece, because it's personal. But maybe it might help someone who also has a family member that suffers. Or maybe they suffer themselves and think they can handle it on their own. I have depression, anxiety, pmdd and ptsd. But I take care of myself the best I can. There's no shame in getting and following the help provided.
#mentalhealthawareness #prayersformybrotherthomas #affectseveryone #noshameinaskingforhelp #family #depression #anxietyquotes

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