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"Some say Uncle Sam only wanted men for their talents. Men who had violence and darkness inside their heart, someone who could really be a living embodiment of the second ammendment, a symbol that he can't be. The true and dark soul of America. Fighting wars for said utopia, fighting for land and because a big baby can't handle words, bet the man in the big house can't handle bullets. America. Where death is a everyday thing in the land of the brave, reason land of the brave is a saying is because you have to be brave to survive. war brings more to the table. More carnage. In a land where Lady Liberty stands and watches the drugs and the Gangs pollute the world. Can't do nothing but watch when the Rapist who gets out of jail and people call him a hero go right ahead and rapes Lady Liberty while she watches sin grows and continues to get worse, Never could forgive people. I'm an old man who fought in Nam, hated everyone there. Next day you're happy, you're out of War. You're done, you're going to grow old and become a grandpa. In a uniform, home takes you. Home becomes darkness, next day you're lying dead in Central Park with a few bullets. Maybe that darkness was a warning. I can not live. I can not die. Just kill and fulfill that empty soul for death. I am the living embodiment of the second ammendment. Once I met Liberty. She told me "you're full of murder and full of hate. You're an Unbreakable man. Nothing is real but pain now. You have my permission to waste all the infestation in America. Dark America. That's your Liberty." To this day I don't stop and I don't stop pulling the trigger. I shoot and I don't think. Think for an escape plan, for casualties. But never once do i ever have doubt for scum. Violence isn't a Democrat or Republican problem. It's an American problem, requiring an American solution. My solution. Punishment and Terror on the Criminal Underworld. Let them face my wrath, let the bodies hit the floor. Let punishment truly be served." [#Marvel #thepunisher #frankcastle #frank #castle #castiglione #punishershow #bestshow #newaccount #punishercomics #punisher #comics #marvelcomics #scum #criminals #vigilante #antihero #guns #bullets]
User Image sposty Posted: Jan 20, 2018 5:32 PM (UTC)
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sposty 1h ago
Você já torceu para o vilão alguma vez assistindo algum filme ou seriado?
Se você assistiu Breaking Bad, com certeza Sim!
À Dez anos atrás, em 20 de janeiro de 2008, Breaking bad estreava na tevê americana no canal AMC.
Breaking bad conta a história de Walter White. No decorrer da série, o professor de química exemplar (mas quebrado) se transforma em um chefão do tráfico de metanfetamina ao lado de um ex-aluno Jesse Pinkman.
Walter entra no mundo das drogas inicialmente apenas para garantir dinheiro para a família depois de descobrir um câncer.
Não foi por acaso que a série levou 16 Emmy Awards para casa, após ter sido indicado a 51 categorias. Com cinco temporadas geniais.
Breaking bad é atemporal, é genial, com roteiros fantásticos, atores sensacionais e produção impecável, #BreakingBad é mais que uma série, é um fenômeno! que não importa o tempo que passe, quem assistiu sempre lembrará o "nome" dele... #Heisenberg
#Saymyname #tvseries #AMC #WaterWhite #fenomeno #instagood #albuquerque #bryancranston #aronpaul #gusfring #antihero #tv #blue #danger
It took all night but I finally got a photo with the bride and groom! An honor to be their MC and pretty cool to consider them family ❤️
CC: @jennifersterger @antiherobaseball
User Image lollorawr Posted: Jan 20, 2018 4:55 PM (UTC)

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