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User Image rosieindia Posted: Jan 22, 2018 10:31 AM (UTC)
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I just want to spend Monday snuggled up in this jacket... 🐻#Monday #mondaymood
User Image botanicatextil Posted: Jan 22, 2018 10:01 AM (UTC)

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Cute fox friend 🦊
Price: 15
Shipping: free
User Image thekateine Posted: Jan 22, 2018 9:48 AM (UTC)
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Фильм, про который написано ниже, дал мне задуматься..
Я не видела его в кинотеатрах из-за того, что тогда ещё не следила за новинками и в принципе не так интересовалась всем этим, но сейчас я ни дня не могу без какого-либо нового фильма или новой информации😱🤤
🏛'Большой', ДРАМА, 2017г., 2ч 12 мин🏛
Я сначала не поняла, почему название 'Большой'? Всеми известная главная сцена страны – Большой Театр, куда я хочу попасть уже очень давно😍 ⠀⠀⠀
Фильм про балет, про балерин, про мечты, огорчения и труд.
Девочка из маленького городка стремится стать примой через самоотречение.
🎀Мое мнение – режиссёр хотел показать: когда мы видим какой-то успех у людей, какую-то красивую фотографию, какого-либо человека и считаем, что это идеал, то просто не представляем через что прошли они, чтобы превратить свою мечту в реальность. ⠀⠀⠀
🌟Верьте в свою Большую мечту, делайте все, чтобы заполучить ее, и не сидите на месте!
А какие мотивирующие фильмы посоветуете вы?☺️
User Image sophie_dumont Posted: Jan 22, 2018 9:36 AM (UTC)

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Happy Monday lovely ones.
Why is it that beds seem extra warm on Mondays? 🙈I sleep most sweetly at dawn so it’s infuriating when the alarm goes off. I need a date with my diary today to fix all the fragments in my head onto days.

(Covers from the shop that makes me sigh the most: @anthropologie )
User Image ________sawa__ Posted: Jan 22, 2018 9:21 AM (UTC)

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#luceandme #whitecharm #anthropologie
User Image londonispink Posted: Jan 22, 2018 9:08 AM (UTC)
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Which would you choose?
I’m spending my Monday in the doctors office with my 6yo who has that thing going around (you know that generic but nasty cough all kids get every winter). He was pretty sad to be sick until I told him he didn’t have to go to school, then he perked right up.
#abmlifeiscolorful #prettycitylondon #prettylittlelondon #housebeautiful #lonnyliving #sodomino #pantonecoloroftheyear #tv_doorsandwindows #verytandc #acolorstory #dscolor #voguemagazine #elledecor #anthropologie
User Image iriesouth Posted: Jan 22, 2018 8:19 AM (UTC)

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Come check out my closet, whether your shopping for yourself, family, gifts, or reselling.. you never know what you'll find or the great deal you can get! Lowball me and I'll either accept or counter with my lowest!! #iriesouth #poshmarkapp #poshmarkseller #poshmark #lowball #fashion #style #forsale #shopsmall #shopmycloset #designeronadiscount #designerbrands #clearance #sale #winter #reseller #resellercommunity #momboss #girlboss #800followers #900followers #followme #followalong #freepeople #urbanoutfitters #anthropologie #michaelkors #kennethcole #secondhand LINK IN BIO//NEW USERS SIGNUP WITH CODE IRIESOUTH FOR $5 OFF
I always make it a point to dress up for date night! There is no one I’d rather dress to impress.Here are some of my top tips, to ensure a thriving relationship, while navigating the labyrinth of parenthood and careers.
1) Plan your date nights weekly if possible and bimonthly at a min. Put it on your shared calendars, so it doesn’t get booked/overlooked.
2) Get a sitter lined up in advance and committed for the entire month’s schedule (if you have kids).
3) Do the typical dinner/movie date but also take turns planning a surprise, fun date night for your partner. It’s a great way to explore your city and keeps the magic alive.
4) Do read the book five love languages(to understand your partner’s love language) and plan accordingly.
5) If you are a new parent do yourself a favor, shelf the plethora of baby books and read “And baby makes three” first. It will help realign focus on each other. The sanctity of a marriage in ways is directly proportional to the amount of quality time spent together. While it’s easily overlooked in lieu of kids, chores and surmounting office work, it’s a great investment with one of the highest ROI! So invest in each other. Invest in love. #. #fifthavechic fifthavechic #fivelovelanguages #datenightoutfit #fairmont #anthropologie #prada #valentinorockstud #red #jumpsuit #voguing #careermom #workingmom #twinmom #love
User Image megatron1002 Posted: Jan 22, 2018 7:30 AM (UTC)

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Speaking at an event this morning, I really enjoy sharing my experiences at work with people who hopefully give them fresh ideas and inspiration. But first.... coffee. Also a little obsessed with my rings from @astridandmiyu and @missomalondon ❤️
#mondaymotivation #monday #coffeetime #coffee #jewelry #hand #anthropologie #instadaily #instagood #instagram #blogger #discoverunder1k

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