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User Image michaelclarkj Posted: Dec 16, 2017 4:09 AM (UTC)

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The beginning of an epic match between the once and future @nim_tamang and Katie Beck of @gumdiptheatre fame.

Our trip to Maui has been so fun, #bike rides in #Lahaina, #Warren & #Annabells #Magic Show, saw #Santa,, were going to a wedding today, we have been hanging out with my parents. Such a nice trip
Whenever @bradleythorla, smoke, and my camera are all in the same room cool things happen. Thanks @relaxerband for the magic 💜💫🔶☄️💖
don't ask me how I timed it to look like @coreyharen 's #octoskull has glowing eyes, because I honestly don't know how I did 😂
brb while I continue to cry over the perfect ombré created by @relaxerband with their smoke & mirrors 💜💕💙
Wednesday evening was a dream! ✨✨ another amazing night with @ralphandrusso , thank you so much for having me in your show! This incredible dress was my fourth and final look 🙌🙌 such an honour to wear this stunning piece.. Thank you @darren_gerrish for this post-show shot! ✨📸 #ralphandrusso #annabells #showtime #bodylondon