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ø a sight to behold.
“Reflecting ourselves in the blood of all the beings we slay
Misunderstand each other, out of control we remain
There is a mystery, we're facing a sight to behold
This is what we make of the world, we throw everything away
The way we all behave is not understandable
It is so sad to see the wealth of our planet fade away
We all behave like children, taking off the head of our teddy bear
to see what's inside, taking, not giving back
We drain the oceans and suck all the blood out of the soil
We spend the time we have left fighting and killing each other
Lust for comfort, entertainment becomes an obsession
And there is so much time to kill
The way I see things is so simple
The fact I'm walking standing on this land
Exhausted is the realm of nature, friends are dying
The living creatures on our side
The way I see myself so confused so sophisticated
I have to stay away from me
But I still don't get the point
What's worth destroying all the worlds
Try not to get it anymore ...”
Written by Joseph Duplantier
This week on Kenya ‘Sudan’ the last male Northern White Rhinoceros died, there are only two females left in this planet.
This is another species that existed thousands of years ago before humanity and once again wiped out due to mankind’s greed and vacuity.
Sudan’s photo belongs to Ami Vitale @amivitale from @natgeocreative
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User Image cam.pacificignition Posted: Mar 21, 2018 11:37 PM (UTC)

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Matt Garstka has always been my greatest inspiration, his effect on every aspect of my playing and the concepts and techniques I’ve drawn and adapted from him have truly changed the way I approach music and what I thought was possible on the kit 🖤 Thank you Matt for constantly pushing me to go above and beyond my own capabilities, you’re a legend 🙏🏻🔥 @mattgarstka #mattgarstka #animalsasleaders #drums #drummer #drumming #ijustwanttoplay #progressive #jazz #fusion #metal #polyrhythms #rhythmatician #rhythmicscientist #music #musicislife #inspiration #dedication #passion #determination #challengeyourself
User Image mauricioegusquiza Posted: Mar 21, 2018 10:13 PM (UTC)
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My boy @tosinabasi signed my guitar for a guitar clinic in Perú!!🤟🏾🎸 I still cannot believe it lol #guitar #music #musician #tosinabasi #animalsasleaders

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