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User Image wickedlovelycreations Posted: Feb 19, 2018 1:31 PM (UTC)

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“We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals” -Immanuel Kant⠀
User Image robk.cunningham Posted: Feb 19, 2018 1:17 PM (UTC)

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To all my fur loving insta friends.
I'll be spending the night in a kennel with one of the pooches up for adoption on the 24th of March. This is in aid of raising veterinary funds for the fantastic work The Animal Welfare Society does at the shelter and the local township.
Please consider sponsoring me for this amazing cause. DM for more info.
#rescuedogsofinstagram #animalsanctuary #animalwelfareportelizabeth #fortheloveofdogs
Os presentamos a Fran! Un gallo cariñoso y con un corazón muy dulce que es el gallo que más tiempo lleva viviendo en @leonvegano_santuarioanimal . Hace 4 años, con espacio en el Santuario, decidimos salir a recorrer granjas y mataderos a ver si encontrábamos animal vivos en sus contenedores de basura. Siempre que podemos rescatar solemos salir a buscar animales que podamos salvar. En una de éstas dolorosas visitas encontramos en una granja, bajo un camión, tres pollos asustados, mojados por la lluvia, que piaban llamando a sus mamás y estaban tan aterrados que no se dejaban coger. Uno de ellos era Fran. Probablemente escaparon o se cayeron cuando los cargaron en los camiones que les llevarían a la granja de engorde, donde los ceban para luego enviarlos al matadero. A pesar de lo duro que es visitar éstos lugares y los mataderos, nos alegramos de hacerlo ese día, pues tres pequeños pollos lograron salvarse y llegar al Santuario donde les recuperamos y ofrecimos un hogar seguro lejos de toda explotación. Mucha gente que nos ha visitado nos pregunta si es verdad que los gallos son violentos, y se sorprenden cuando ven que se dejan coger en brazos, que les gustan que les acarien la cresta y la cara y que te siguen a todas partes. Y es que los gallos, como cualquier otro animal incluido el humano, puede volverse violento en un entorno de violencia, privado de libertad, sin espacio, amor ni respeto. Pero cuando cuidas de ellos con amor, les das el espacio que necesitan y pueden desarrollarse plenamente, verás que cada uno tiene su propia personalidad y gustos, y que aunque son territoriales (como muchos otros animales) no son violentos, ni mucho menos. Algunos no quieren mucho contacto con humanos, lo respetamos, otros quieten mucho contacto y mimos! Lo damos. Así son, individuos sensibles como los perros y gatos conocemos.

#santuarioanimal  #santuariodeanimales #leonveganoanimalsanctuary #farmanimals #sanctuarylife #nomeat #herbivore #instavegan #farmsanctuary #fortheanimals #veganrevolution #animalsanctuary #rescuefarm #earthlings #friendsnotfood #someonenotsomething #vegan #animalsarefriends #bekindtoanimals #veganfortheanimals #savetheanimals
User Image vegankidsmagazine Posted: Feb 19, 2018 12:58 PM (UTC)

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One of the greatest things about running Vegan Kids Magazine is seeing pictures of kids with the mag!

It is so rewarding to help kids on their vegan journies! Here is the wonderful Selkie with a copy of our marine issue!

A massive thanks to @thefairlylocalvegan for this awesome pic! 💚
User Image chenoamanor Posted: Feb 19, 2018 12:57 PM (UTC)

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If hay's not your thing, try some of the amazing #meatlessmonday menu items at @harvestseasonal today and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Chenoa! We're so grateful to have Harvest's generous support, and it would make us so happy if you supported them in return!
User Image phoebehyatt Posted: Feb 19, 2018 12:51 PM (UTC)
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We visited an animal sanctuary yesterday because animals. I was a bit skeptical because they trained several of the animals and I thought it would be sad but it was a very loving home for unwanted exotic animals. The animals they train came to them young and they love the owners, the owners obviously love them. It was the happiest I have ever seen animals in captivity and I especially enjoyed the Timber wolf hybrid and Lion cub who were best buds and having an epic game of tag. My lesson was I needed to stop judging and experience something new for what is was. Also, don’t buy an exotic animal as a pet. Rescue a dog or cat from a shelter ✌️ #animals #animalrescue #animalsanctuary
User Image veganjobboard Posted: Feb 19, 2018 12:35 PM (UTC)

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Welcome to our vegan and animal-friendly job board - the place where job seekers and companies find each other. There are currently 24 job openings posted, including positions at @peta @catskill_animal_sanctuary @purplecarrotxo @jamesonanimalrescueranch
@noevilfoods @greenandaway
@wahrefugecentre @bestfriendsanimalsociety @bitesizevegan @physicianscommittee (see link in bio)
#vegan #jobs #veganjobs #career #animals #vegans #veganfood #veganrestaurant #animalshelter #animalsanctuary
User Image animalesanctuary Posted: Feb 19, 2018 12:31 PM (UTC)

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User Image shirleym95 Posted: Feb 19, 2018 12:22 PM (UTC)

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Yesterday I had the privilege of visiting a dogs #Sanctuary called "Pulgositos de Mi Vida". They have over 50 rescued dogs all with a heart braking story. We were able to #donate food, toys, shampoo and cleaning supplies. The owners of the sanctuary mostly depend on donations to keep it running. Most of the animals are old or have health problems, therefore they depend on medicine. Going there was a life changing experience for me, today I'll be visiting the Sanctuary again to help the owner clean the facilities and to bathe her 50 dogs. She needs help, she needs food, she needs medicine, she needs many helping hands. I will leave her phone number attached here in one of the photos in case anyone wants to make a #donation Believe me these #dogs need it. A dollar can make a big difference. #dogsofinstagram #donationsneeded #straydog #puertorico #animalsanctuary #animalshelter
User Image rainbowmoonsky Posted: Feb 19, 2018 11:36 AM (UTC)

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A few days ago @abraham_bs held a meditation & reiki group I watched on with the little ones but it was magical. @mojissanctuary

#meditation #circles #reiki #healing #earthpeople #animalsanctuary #peaceday

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